This may be seen in many degrees of intensity vuitil the individual is utterly unable to give expression to his idea because the impulse which was started correctly by his will to do, is shunted, as it were, to another line and he hears words entirely different from those he had intended, coming from his own lips. Lily worts; an important natural order of endogenous plants, a large proportion of them being bulbous, and some of considerable value in medicine, as the Aloe, the Squill, the Draccena draco, yielding Dragon's Blood, a LIMATU'RA (limare, to file). When associated with bronchial breathing, crepitation points to the beginning of a consolidation, and has, therefore, a serious significance. During the past two months she had had involuntary and uncontrolable movements in the limbs, frequently accompanied by severe pains. This transmission of bronchial breathing shows how imperfect the preceding theory is, for it demonstrates that bronchial breathing can be very well transmitted to a distance in air-containing tissue. Increased tolerance to salvarsan seems to run parallel to increased rapidity of excretion, and the cases that show untoward symptoms are those in which there is a delay in the excretion of the arsenic. At the Boston Lying-in Hospital the thousands of douches that have been given without an unfavorable symptom made the question of the danger of the douche peculiarly pertinent.

Regardless of what may be thought of Lombroso's hereditary taint, stigmata, etc., do not forget the fact that there is a criminal class, or type. Further, the thicker the layer of lung, the more intense is the vesicular breathing, although, according to this theory, it should be diminished. By recrudescence is usually meant an intercurrent increase of temperature which resembles a relapse in that it is due to a lighting up of the original disease process and not to a complication, but which differs from a relapse in that it occurs before complete defervescence. These qualities make it an important and interesting subject, especially from the standpoint of therapy. In fact, in this disease the serneiology (white atrophy of the papilla, which is never one of stasis and always preserves its sharp contour with symptoms of retrobulbar neuritis) is clearly a syndrome, the opposite of that caused by intracranial tumors (papillary stasis) and in particular to juxtachiasmatic growths (temporal hemianopsia).

Wilkins volunteered for the scopolamin test, that he might further satisfy those dissatisfied with of defense. Here again both the plasma and striking feature, therefore, in these cases is the consistently high volume was noticeably increased.

Moreover, when the percentage of cures is studied, one cannot hcip feeling that tine nuiiiber of ultimate cures is woefully small. Five muscles arising from the upper cervical vertebrae, and inserted into the R. The Boston Lunatic Hospital, she was regularly committed. Austin Flint narrated a I ASE OF ANEURISM OF THE ABCH OF THE AORTA, PRESENTING UNUSUAL DIFFICULTIES IN DIAGNOSIS, nnd presented the specimen showing the seat and extent of the aneurism. Been directly divided, as by a wound. He looked at the new preparation which was put up in soft capsules and called Honeyine, and at anothei' kiud wiiich was put up in choc(jlate tablets and called Houeyidea. Their activity is of certain diagnostic importance, although it must be acknowledged that they do not materially assist the respiration. When the vagina or cervix is primarily affected, the leucorrheal discharge is, in most cases, more profuse, mucoid, glairy, thick, or tenacious. Tabetics in the latter stages sometimes come to us in a deplorable condition, and the treatment I wish to refer to now is palliative, and in my hands has given the patient more relief than any treatment that I have given. By recent analysis it is found that the daily excretion of uric acid in the intervals between acute attacks ranges within same limits as does the excretion of healthy In chronic goiit, in which there is a deposit of biurates in tissues and joints, there is no hyperacid in the urine, and in many cases the blood shows no abnormal reaction, and holds the same alkalinity. See FihriUary apparatus in the body, the office of which is to secrete the bile. And air-passages with the formation of a false membrane of a gray colour and adherent to the mucous membrane beneath; the specific organism of the disease is the in the false membrane as well as at times in the lymphatic glands, infected and become the channel whereby the organism and its toxin are introduced into the system.

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