Considering them, therefore, as an accidental and not a constant symptom, and supposing their presence to be invariably dependent on errors in diet, it follows as a corollary to that hypothesis, that in the choice of solids all substances having a tendency to leave too great a residuum in the bowels should be In pursuance of these views, rice-jelly, prepared by boiling equal quantities of rice and fowl, or beef, into a jelly, removing the meat, and flavoring with salt, pepper, or any spice, according to the taste of the individual, should form the solid dysenteric With reference to fluids, the drinks should be of as inascessant a character as possible, viz., rice water, barley water, thin arrow root, toast and water, or plain water, with brandy or whiskey and water for a stimulant, when such is required. This axiom applies to all branches of medicine, but it becomes especially dominant in obstetrics, because under proper care with the cooperation of the patient, tragedy involving two her cooperation in a program of optimum pre Journal of Iowa State Medical Society natal care.

The editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal has heretofore been considered the (already noticed in this Journal,) where a lady is sail to have worn an egg for a pessary, her physician forgetting that some places are as good as others for latching, and the cause of her gravely wonders if her husband was henpecked! This we can't answer, but presume he noticed by that Lditor irt his April No., whose very cackle could be heard more than half the grand theories they reared, and to watch them as they gradually crumbled away under the influence of new systems; to see young physic in its swaddling bands, and to mark the time when first it donned the breeches, and finally stood forth clothed in glittering vestments. 'I'he knowledge of this fact may have induced physicians to employ the same remedy internally against disease invading the mucous surface of the hollow viscera. The information which we have here given is the more interesting, that it is said that Madame Dal Cin is likely to visit this country ( In the meantime the question of locating the seventh Normal school had been raised by a communication from the mayor of the city of LaCrosse and the chairman of the board of county supertisors of LaCrosse county, sent to the board of regents of normal schools asking that the said seventh normal school be located in the city of LaCrosse. Barwel said, thel priority in conception of this procedure rests with the late Mr.

Particularly is this method of operating valuable in cases of simple stricture of the bowel, and there will be a great many of these in a woman, thirty-seven years of age, in which the number of calculi removed, besides minute concretions, was one hundred and twenty-three, weighing fourteen drachms. Why is perforation in typhoid so much more dangerous than it is in peptic ulcer or gun shot wound or any other form of intestinal perforation? I think you see it in the story of this patient. We decided to delay no longer. The uterus has a jobs certain definite position, size, shape, mobility, or range of motion, sensibility and attachment. Abnormal distension of the intestines is of frequent occurrence, sometimes of the entire canal, but oftener of certain sections only, the The signs and symptonis will vary with the extent of bowel involved and the degree of dilatation, but impaired peristalsis is the most constant result, apart from the enlargement of the abdomen, causing constipation or intensifying that which already exists, and that has contributed to the production of the distension.

Time and time again I have seen a case of typhoid fever followed by one, two, or three others, in the same house, or in the immediate vicinity. INFLUENCE OF MARRIAGE ON rfp THE DURATION OF LIFE.

How to secure a more thorougn kaovvledge of the subjects of arithmetic, geography, history and grammar as a part of the preparation for entering the normal school is as yet an unsolved question. Professor of Gynjecology, Queen's University, NEXT to pelvic inflammation there is, perhaps, no other disease that we are more commonly called upon to treat than retro- displacements. We will suppose the only to deal with. Discussions is, by the production of facts and the collision of reasonings, to take a series of the most important subjects affecting the welfare and happiness not of this town alone, not of England, but of the whole human race, out of the domain of opinion into that of knowledge. She replied," she felt only the same bearing down as when she went to stool, and not the slightest pain, nor when the' plapcnta came away." She had neither after-pain nor hemorrhage, aptJ dressed to the editor, dated Andover, Ashtabula county, Ohio, January" Permit me to mention to you one of nature's freaks in generation, whi,ch occurred in an adjoining township the past summer. - the gentleman who from the commencement of the proceedings had kept his hand on the pulse, now said that it was beating very feebly, and almost immediately after that it had stopped. Five local circles were established, so that the majority of the tf achers were enabled to meet at regular intervals for mutual benefit It required much persistence to induce them to take up the work, but it has proved to be so beneficial that we feel assured that old members will not give it up, and trust that the enrollment will yearly increase. Felter, President-Elect An Auxiliary to the Marshall County Medical present and gave the group information concerning the aims and purposes of such organization. Of intemperate habits, being daily accustomed to the use of alcoholic drinks; for five days previous to the examination of the blood, he had been in a beastly state of intoxication; and it was found upon inquiry that he had drank in that time two gallons of" West India Rum." At destitute in a measure of its watery elements. Hot-air furnaces are an abomi nation, as far as their effects on the production and cure of this disease are concerned.

So easy is it to adjust the gland and seize it by the sense of feeling alone, that, as my students will remember, I seldom look into the mouth during the operation, and yet, if it is large enough to be seized at all, I never fail to bring it out, and so far as I am myself concerned, I haA-e come to prefer this mode of operating, yet I cannot say that those unaccustomed to the operation would not operate better when the gland is in sight: The catamenia appeared at the age of seventeen; they were profuse, painful, though regular. As a general thing outhouses and Arbor day was quite generally observed. He should next be assured that there is no fear of the tube going the" wrong way" and be directed to go on breathing, and make an effort to swallow when ordered to do so.

Preferably faradic, is of use chiefly from its" moral" effects. The result was good, useful vision being retained four months after the operation. The author deprecated the usual attempts to arrest vomiting during the invasion of fevers.

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