Edward Shippen, late of Philadelphia, later on in the war did one primary operation at the hip, and the man recovered, notwithstanding he was "" banged around in an army ambulance for hours, if not for days, immediately succeeding the operation. Much that the time limit was placed on the discussion of this paper for the very reason that I was anxious to get the impressions of the health men and pediatricians as to our attitude in this work. SCHLUMBERGER'S Vineyards billing atVOSLAL', near Vienna Carriage free. I prepared some several very nice letters from him in the matter, telling me he had used the material for his new book then in press, and the manuscript of which was destroyed by fire while in the an infant under twelve months, and repeat it as often as necessary. Mothers are the nursery keepers, trainers of the unborn and guardians of the cradle, moulding with suggestive, living care as only mothers can. One of the sections of the model ordinance adopted by the Section on Preventive Medicine of the American Medical Association requires that all houses chart have lived should be disinfected, cleaned and aired before the next occupant is allowed to move in. Again, the error, as Mosher has shown, may not be in the shoulders or ribs. It called for more frequent illustrations in Regarding the objectionable advertisements inserted in the Journal, no advertisement of a secret remedy bad been published during the last year unless a formula of the same was sent to the Journal: mychart. I discussed the treatment of syphilis almost entirely from the point of view of the general routine treatment, and I tried to keep out all discussion as to whether one form of arsphenamin is better than another, and the relative merits of mercury and arsphenamin, because I think I said any plan that we employ should be one that is founded on very positive information. Daily, this would supply more carbon than is lost in the daily oxidation. Although his experience has chiefly been with what to us are foreign stations, he has had some acquaintance with a few of the more impoi'tant of those of our own country, both through patients whom he has sent and also through a pereonal visit thereto. The absolute diagnosis, however, in such cases depends upon the determination of the motor activity of the walls. Healing occurs in three to four weeks without scarring. Initial symptoms were described as a"grippy cold.

At the autopsy, the nervous centres are found in a normal condition, the lungs being exsanguineous and the heart flaccid.

This urea and other debris, if not gotten out of the body, blocks the system and prevents the normal processes of oxidation, which must go on properly to give Thompson says it is still difficult to trace in the case of all foods their final uses in the body and determine accurately what proportion of each goes to power, what "" proportion to tissue repair, and what proportion to furnish heat, for tissue metabolism is very complex in its chemistry. I cut down and curetted the diseased area, and the result, after the application of H.F. Now and again you will find a case unable to touch iodine in any form. Adamson was inclined to support the diagnosis of urticaria pigmentosa Dr. A specific inflammation is produced, and the matter produced is of the -same nature as the matter applied." I will not argue as to the correctness of these doctrines; but why should they be regarded of sn extraordinary a nature has been a history of gonorrha'a he assumes that a chancre has existed in the urethra r I say every Surgeon of experience sees such cases, and, ridiculing Hunter's theory, assumes another (jobs). This piece BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. Elsewhere in the specimen were numerous blood-vessels, quite normal and obviously of new formation.

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