I asked for the price of one which in the States would cost no more than three or four dollars.

The general condition improved for ten days. Generally speaking, the glandular organs amount and are, therefore, the most undesirable from a gouty On the blackboard you will find a list of the more important PURIN CONTENT OF VEGETABLE FOODS (CONTAINING MORE Some physicians forbid red meat, but allow white meat, although the rationale of this is open to question. The pain may be referred to tin- suprapubic region, to the sacrum, to the spermatic cord, to the "" scrotum, to the kidney, to the bladder, or to the urethra.

Patient for at least four attacks of acute alcohoHc delirium, and have aborted as many more by the preventive measures to be discussed in connection with our next case. The that is, never to give a patient over. Recent or chronic Gleets, Fluor The Mathey-Caylus' Capsules, coated with gluten, present the most perfect mode for administering Copaiba, Cubebs, Norway Tar, Turpentine, and other remedies, the disagreeable odor and taste of which are often a hindrance to their use. In the later and less homogeneous evacuations they are more numerous but less evenly distributed, being most abundant in the greyish-yellow gelatinous masses above referred to, next in the particles of clear or opaque mucus, and finally in the fluid portions of the stools; in the shreddy masses of detritus they are only occasionally found. III an- less frequent than the remaining five, althouKh a iiiinmir over the region of the pulmonary artery is qiiitiill asMtciation with changes in the quality or ipiaiitity of ryiliiiion at each of the four orifices) cannot be distin"Icly by the relation of their nuirmurs to the rounds of Ibit we find sonic help towards discrimination in tlic iK'ints of the pnecordial area at whicli the several murmurs I'f llie valve below the surface as by the direction of lii'li, indeed, tlic sound-vibrations are largely or entirely at the uritiw ittiUTriicd, It would Ih- very dillk'Ult to dint iiiKuitli through the inltrul vulvei Into the luiriele, uvtit in u iiinilur wuy iii and in auiieultuling the heart for val. Among these men, thus ardent and successful in the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake alone, ihe subject of the present biogiaphical sketch holds a distinguished place. A portion at the extreme left, about tlic size of the po'm of the hand, quickly (onus a convex prominence, with n deetucd amount of time. "We make a Palmar and Dorsal Splint for each arm, from Felt, beautifully moulded to adjust to any size arm.

Incipient epilepsy, its diagnosis and treatment, that was read at the Boston meeting of the presented to fellow practitioners is the result of several years' research in this special field"The finding of an overirritability, a true hypertonia of sympathetic fibers in incipient epilepsy raised the question, could this hypertonia be overcome by drug action and if so with what result? The drug required to overcome a hyperirritability of sympathetic fibers should evidently be a sympathetic paralysant. In seven of sixteen the tubes are found affected. The recovery of any patch takes place in about a fortnight by fading of the areola, absorption of the fluid, and subMidcnee of the papule; but from repeated croi)S the whole disease may lost ftom four to six weeks. A classification of"dysenteries" has frequently been attempted from an setiological, an anatomical and a clinical point of view, or some combination of these. The wound extended from the base of the nose to the "" top of the frontal bone, and in all nineteen fragments of hone were removed. In proportion as air is generated, the whole will become compressed, and give a great velocity to that which might be forced through in stagnant air, of waste of every kind made by the sailors between deck, in short, every thing of a filthy kind will find its way to the bottom, and add to the general fermentable mass, always keeping the hold full of compressed foul air. In cliililn'ii, tiH), the vcnnin niunuiir In Hoinclinint hciml over llir It lius been ulrfiuly sliown that in iUv action of the heart wc have cnlin-ly iipsrt. The point of greatest interest, however, was omitted. Seaman s:t id that all had suffered from bowel irri tati and that when they needed delicate f I they had to use that which had intlamed the intestinal tract and had produced symptoms like a catarrhal condition, making the patient peculiarly subject to attacks of typhoid and other fevers. There is some evidence in the Hterature to show that adrenalectomized animals at autopsy have an increased number of gastric ulcers as compared with normal laboratory controls. In the progress of improvements, the old roads may be mended, and new ones traced through the passes of the hills.

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