Such being the case, the outlook for the Crown Prince is, to say the least, hopeful. The presence and active functioning of an absurd this already overfilled profession, regardless of the qualifications, fitness or competency of the men and women III. The rest of this middle zone is made up of smooth cicatricial tissue of follow the preceding form. A positive diagnosis of malignant disease of the pancreas is only possible after the tumor has attained sufficient size to be recognizable by palpation, consequently too late for a radical extirpation.

Gilbert van Tassel Hamilton of Study of Sexual Tendencies in Monkeys "" and Baboons. Thus, an examination of the organ of sight discovers a wonderful and beautiful optical arrangement, calculated to form on the retina a picture of external objects, exact both in its colouring and outline.

A learned and honest cultivator of medicine who would like to amuse himself need only observe the most absurd cures which have been proposed for the most serious diseases during the last ten years; and for the honor of progress it must be said that it could not believe its eyes.

Almost the only tonic the writer uses is the compound syrup of the hypophosphites, with or without strychnine. Usually this position is face down. A much more important condition for the seeurement of painless administration is that tin' large intestine be empty. It commences first by the animal shivering, after the shivering ceases heat takes; the ears and legs will first be hot and then cold; the mouth is sticky and the breathing aflectcd, but rtot so much as in a pure case of coii,,estion of thi ungs; the pulse is quick, ranging from fifty to seventy-five beats to the minute, which is stronger than in a case of congestion; the horse does not care to eat; stands up all the time, with head hanging down and ears lopped over, and in hot weather perspires freely around the chest; the eyes have a glo;'.sy apu'arance and around the inside of the eyelids, arc very red. He shows that in the genital canal there is a zone rich in microorganisms, which, after Winter, he calls the Dangerous Zone. WATER A private home, with experienced nurses, for the care and cure of nervous and mental patients.

To characterize such a system as a" unionizing" of medical education is to stigmatize it as a companion only of those degenerated trades unions which have fallen into the control of the worst elements among their members. To close this a second operation was performed. Sore, especially the soft palate and the uvula. Ectopic Pregnancy has been observed to often take place after protracted sterility; this may be due to salpingitis or some other inflammatory condition which has left the tube, or some portions of it, in a pathological condition, which favors the arrest of the passage of the fecundated ovum on its journey Webster accounts for tubal pregnancy in many cases as being a reversion of evolution: The early type of mammalia having the uterus bicornate, accounts for some of the women of the present Other causes usually given are, adhesions forming constrictions of the tube, cicatritial contractions, loss of peristaltic action of the tube, tortion, pressure due to growths of various kinds, formation of diverticula in the tube, are all given as etiological factors in six weeks of tubal pregnancy, at the point of the lodgment of the fertilized ovum, the walls of the tube become thinner than normal, and highly vascular, all the tissues of the tube are stretched, and the folds of the mucus membrane of the tube disappear.

On two subsequent occasions she was again pregnant, but consented to take about as before by taking the mixture prepared by her master. Our usual method resembles what would be the case if, in the study of chemistry, we should commence with the study of the complex chemic carbon compounds, in place of beginning, as we always do, with the simple elementary bodies, and then gradually building up from them the compounds produced by the union My idea would be to entirely reverse this method of teaching.

Meal, and keeping them in a place that is too hot. But Bockhart's impetigo is a much more serious affection than impetigo contagiosa as it contains the real pus cocci and may lead to sepsis, and to generalized cases of pyodermia. Considering the condition of the nervous system in our patients, it appears that the cause of the disturbances of the skin have to be found in the nervous system. In the general haste to determine its efficacy iu the human subject, the study of its effects upon tuberculous animals has as yet received but little attention, and Koch himself has never given more than the most meager details of his observations relating to It is quite evident, however, that if products derived from the tubercle-bacillus have no beneficial influence upon the artificially-produced disease in animals, there is little reason for continuing laboratory experiments of a tentative nature on the human subject, and research must take a new direction; while, on the other hand, if these bacterial products can be demonstrated to control, to any appreciable extent, the development of experimental tuberculosis, a reasonable hope may be entertained that by perfected methods and a more exact and extended knowledge of the various complex substances produced by germ-life, the ravages of the disease in the human subject may yet be brought Moreover, the work of Hunter and the claims of Klebs would also indicate the possibility of obtaining a product, free from the dangers of tuberculin, yet capable, if not of curing the disease, at least of exercising a marked beneficial influence upon its course, and some evidence as to the remedial efficacy as well as the dangers of these various products, as noted in animals, would tend to place our knowledge on a firmer basis, strengthen our convictions and guide us to a more intelligent application of these substances to the treatment of The present research has been undertaken, therefore, with a view to obtaining some more definite exercised by Koch's tuberculin upon inoculated guinea-pigs; second, as to the curative value and dangers in experimental tuberculosis of the modifications of tuberculin proposed by Hunter. The results have been of American Physicians, the conclusions reached being first, that CB contains much less of the remedial element than tuberculin, and is apparently quite as dangerous; second, that modification B is as efficacious as tuberculin, and free from some of its dangers. Houston and the distinguished physiologists just mentioned, agree in the main point, viz. It is in the power of every doctor who makes any pretensions to surgery to perfect himself in this operation outside ol the large cities by firsl operating upon some of the lower animals.

According to the observations of this same author made upon the venom of serpents, the cobra poison resembles the last-described ptomaine, except that it arrests the heart in systole and leaves it exsanguinated.

This is made evident by a more or less marked distention, which is accompanied by the disappearance of liver dulness and pushing up of the diaphragm.

At the annual election Judge Curtis D.

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