A valuable support for the diagnosis, but one that is only rarely available, is the finding of cysts in the liver, if necessary by means Congenital renal cysts can probably never be distinguished from Bilateral cystic kidneys represent a disease of the kidneys that is not susceptible of treatment, and the prognosis as regards recovery is therefore absolutely unfavorable. The bloo' bulb shovdd also be cleaned immediately, since otherwise a sticky precipitate which is difficult to remove adheres to the walls. There is, fay the Reformers, a third Species of this'Diftemper, which by no Means can be reduced to any of the former, ( the Lientery or Caliack AffeBion ) yet may very properly be called a Chylous Diarrhoea. In the light of two recent experiences I am inclined to think them appendicular.

Frau P., in concubinage had four healthy children, and after the death of her lover, when the above children were eight, seven, five and three years old respectively, married a latent sphilitic, and gave birth soon afterwards to a seven months' old macerated fetus. From that time any thing that deranged the stomach, as the eating of too much or improper food, seemed to cause the convulsions. The choice between silastic arthroplasty, which is a silicone interpositional arthroplasty, or a metal on polyethylene type of cemented prostheses, has passionate advocates on each side.

A few of the religious papers have expressed themselves as we hoped they would. Liberal arrangements will be secured from the various railroad and telegraph companies. He would have employment to keep him contented.

A week before his admission he began to have malaise, loss of appetite, and headache.

Here is a chart showing the later stages of a case in which the nurse said the previous course had been rather intermittent.

Will a given strain of a certain group of streptococcus when used for the production of an active immunity protect against itself only or against several or all strains of that group? Will the serum of such a protected animal transfer passive immunity against the homologous strain only or against a number of strains? These questions again are ones which will concern us primarily in discussing Much confusion in the question of ultimate classification of the streptcjcocci, as indeed in the classification of other bacteria, arises from the debated question of mutation: Three ginning and course of this reaction resemble the papular form until about the fourth or fifth day, when the inflammatory processes commence to progress. It is only when in the urine that the existence of renal suppuration may be assumed with a certain degree of confidence. Besides the additions which have been made to our knowledge of the biology of the intestinal amebae, there has been added something of medical importance. The views expressed in this journal do not necessarily represent those of the Minnesota Medical Association, its editors, or any of its constituents. They are asking: Why aren't the HMOs saving us more money? Why are HMOs content just to be price followers? Why don't we simply fund our own health benefits? Why don't we save money and offer more options by offering higher deductibles and higher copayments? That way, our employees, particularly our higher paid employees, will have independence of choice, won't they? Why do we have to deal with the HMOs anyway? Why don't we deal directly with specialty groups or hospitals? And doctors are asking questions. But here again is the question of prevention versus cure, and for this reason progress will be slow, though in the present development of public opinion it will be also sure. A review of the English literature of the last two years discloses only seventeen cases ot anaphylaxis in man, caused by horse serum, which with diphtheria antitoxin, states in a recent communication that he has never observed any ill effect produced by either a first or second injection. If the growth is entirely superficial the full strength id' the rays should be employed. That the two are comparable and of equally great value as diagnostic measures cannot be doubted, but as biological phenomena the two have no very great similarity.

In a case of suspected syphilis the disproportion between the amount of albumin and the number of renal elements must make one think of luetic nephritis, especially when the condition develops after the earlier stages of the disease.

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