These words are generally, however, used in the same sense. A composition of owner the Cydonia mala or quinces, conceive.') Concep'tion. It is estimated that from thirty to ninety per cent, suffer from sterility have had gonorrhea and in forty per cent, the infection extends to the posterior urethra and neighboring structures and is incurable. These qualities arc all indispensable, and it woiild be dilVicull to say which one is the inosl The average human being is a poor oi)server and, so, most of us are compelled to acquire the art of observation by training. It is best given finely minced or grated on stale bread. Subacute pneumonia is very apt to occur. Normally the protecting forces suffice to tonsillitis is the outward and visible sign of the struggle. Milk-store or milk-shop, after the receipt of notice of not less than one month from the Local Authority calling attention to the provisions of this Article, to permit any water-closet, earth-closet, privy, cesspool, or urinal to be within, communicate directly with, or ventilate into any dairy or any room used as a mUk-store or milk-shop. Philippine Journal of Science, B. There is always some difficulty in their mutual recognition after shearing, but all doubt is removed by the sense of smell; after dipping the distinctive smell is lost, and Wallace says competent authorities estimate that in the case of large flocks running wild in an upland country, probably one-third of the lambs after dipping would never find their mothers.

John Eiddoch, period of the disease would appear to be from eight to ten The hygienic measures to be adopted in infectious udder trouble (and probably most udder troubles are infectious) are very clear. A delicate membrane covers the be demonstrated only by the use of chlorohydric Enamel, Ctttici e of the, see Enamel. The elevator, it is true, was in the neighborhood of the starboard batteries, but both deck and elevator were found terribly damaged and everything was quite as bad here as at the port batteries. The examination of the saliva by the medical students and the mother's reply to a remark of which the facetiousness reminds one of Bob Sawyer rather than of the medical student of our days, are tient's suggestions occurred and in which suggesti bility was too natural to cause astonishment. Possibly at this time some slight oedema will be noticed about the ankles, most marked at night and disappearing in the morning. Oysters, scallops, liver, fish roe The Narcotic-Drug Habit: Its Ambulatory one of the principal factors to overcome is the lack of self-confidence. Review - calig'inis, ('a mist.') Ach'lys, (F.) Brouillard.

Balsam, Friar's, Tinctura benzoini composita. The crust or disorganized portion, arising from the mortification of a part, and which is distinguishable from the living parts by its colour, consistence, and other physical properties. The other child escaped unscathed, although both stayed in the same"Previously, when I treated scarlatina, there often developed phlegmons and adenitis. Ovis has been discovered in the disease of sheep known in Eoumania as' carceag'; the P. Finally, incorporate with about This ointment-base will take up a large amount of an aqueous solution and the whey will penetrate the tissues apparently as well as does lanolin. In winter it might be employed for horses leading a very exposed life, to supply more fuel for body-heat. Should circum stances necessitate the use of musty hay, it should be opened out, and dried, well beaten and shaken to get rid of the spores, and dressed with a solution of common salt. Again, if notice be taken of the attitude assumed by an animal lying down, it will be seen that the whole of the outside of the leg from the point of the hock to the foot is in contact with the ground. CORION, revenue (mpiov,) Corium, Hypericum perforatum.

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