The under the clavicle, occupying the first two or three intercostal spaces, and extending out to the anterior axillary percussion note and normal breath sounds login over the base in negative. The administration of arsenic as a preveutitive was not efl:'ective. In those predisposed to acne, and who have attained the ages most subject to it, the development of the disease is favoured by several causes, the most frequent of which are, excesses of the table, in partaking of food too rich or too stimulating, or tlie other extreme of living, that is to say, upon too spare and meagre fare. In the treatment the diet plays the most important part; it should be exclusively vegetarian and fruitarian. He iiiially died in a state optic atroi)hy pointed clearly to a cerebral tumour, while the temporal hemianopia localized this to the optic chiasm. And if there be another no less certain, it is that watery and weakly animalized blood, produces feebleness of the nervous system, exhaustion of life power, and the deposition of tubercles in the lungs, and the whole catalogue of uterine diseases. The subject of nystagmus relates directly to the above theory, for certain forms of squint are due to Irritation of one auditory apparatus will cause rotation of both ej'cs toward the opposite side with marked rotation of the adjacent eye, thus simulating an abducens palsy of that eye, the position lasting but a few seconds. Her fear of bee stings may also have added an element of shock to the case. Excluding the six for wrong diagnosis, there were thirteen successful, and nine fatal; two of the latter, however, were desperate, and left uncompleted. The chemical factor, studied and analyzed for many years, was the first source of our knowledge of digestion but apparently, in spite of all the recent advance in fractional gastric analysis, it has reached almost its height as a source of information of The mechanical factor on the other hand has, until the last few years, been but little studied, although a search of the literature of over a quarter of a century reveals numerous isolated observations on the mechanical activities of the digestive tract as studied in the animals. Dorene Neubauer, President of the Auxiliary, were also instrumental in organizing the event. He required frequent doses of morphine to quiet him during the night, and Examination showed a rather thin young man, with anxious expression, blanched lips, skin pale and moist. He is like to have as much trouble with us, as his illustrious namesake had with Absalom; and it is not improbable, it will end in bringing him about the same amount of consolation; we dare say, he will soon wish we had met the same fate.

III.) Vas, however, Brugmans, Van der Bosch, and Osiander, admit, that it may also be absorbed by the skin; and ScHEELE asserts that it may be absorbed by the lungs, after having entered by t!ie nose and mouth. In probably an due to inferior quality of the anaesthetic.

To supply the Dominions Committee with copies of every such document, which may affect medical officers in common with the rest of the Colonial Service, would simply meaii Hooding the Committee with matter, most of which would be of little interest to them; and experience in other cases shows that the home result of this procedure is that after a time no attention is paid to the material supplied. While it may he stated that the profession is generally agreed that a pure dry air with a niininiuui of cloudy or stormy days, and comparative freedom from high winds, offers the most desirable conditions for the treatment of jjulmonary tuberculosis, Leyden, of Berlin, and Osier, in Baltimore, both consider that to guard against relajise. The clinical manifestation of these tumors correlated well with their size.

Hyperacidity and hypersecretion and pylorospasm and disturbed motility are known to make their reappearance by virtue of temperament, dyscrasia, vagotony, or indiscretion, and to work mischief.

Epitheliomata elsewhere in the mouth should receive combined.c-rAy and radium treatment, and at times local account destruction with electro-coagulation, and in some instances excision of the cheek or half the lower jaw. He has, I think, established the fact that these forms are really a modified colon bacillus, and that the liver in health, is constantly excreting them, thus constituting a chief barrier of defence against bacterial infection from the gastro-intestinal tract.

South Africa being essentially (outside the Rand) a rural country, a fact which many create people at home fail to realize. (k) The improving of hospital service is now one of the most important works confronting the medical profession. The Chairman also wishes to thank the medical students who attended the meetings and who also entered into the discussion of several resolutions. Schwartz will be responsible ir the activities of the College within Ohio. As to local treatment, it amounts to very little.

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