With a strong carbolic acid lotion, or lime-water and oil. These facts were clearly recognized in the late Civil War, for men who had commercial suffered injuries of the head were relegated to the invalid corps.

I shall therefore pass the others over with very brief remarks and take up the matter of the breeds most used or kept in America.

JIanetho, lawsuit an Egyptian historian, who lived at the beginning of the third centuiy n.c, described pestilences, resembling the plague, which ravaged tlie valley of the Nile during the reign of the most ancient Egyptian kings. Constipation is common in paralysis: Nor does it consider that any statute amazon is necessary to create a liability on his part, binding his estate, for such benefits received by him. The left side the fibres are phot.iLT.iplicd (Weigert-Wolters' stain); on the right side nucleus fuuiruU gracilis and bundles of the to the nucleus funiculi cuneati and partly to cuneatus are a few returns of the fibrfe arcuatfe here consisting chiefly of the upward continuation of the direct cerebellar tract from the spinal cord. Ransom is a general practitioner. Into a wound of thejighl hind extremity, near the foot, were now introduced ninety drops of a saturated solution of acetate of strychnia, followed by one hundred and twenty drops of a solution of iodide of potassium, (in the proportions of one drachm of iodide to one ounce of water.) In a similar Avound of the opposite limb were introduced one hundred and twenty drops of a solution of ferrocyanide of potassium of the same proportions.

This is well seen, when in narcosis the injured limb remains stiff although the other members are relaxed, and on recovery the spasm disappears last from the injured limb. If a sufficient number of leeches be early applied to the neck and chest, we may regard the termination of the disease as probably favourable. Exposure to wet and cold, and complaints neglect of slight diseases of the nose, mouth, and air-passages are prolific sources of the ill or at least conditions inviting its appearance.

The refult of my inquiries is as follows. In this form likewise headache is a prodromal symptom and to resembles in character the form described above. More accurate knowledge of the perils of narcotic dalliance, with a higher sense of professional responsibility, will, by and by, it is to be expected, considerably dry up this source of inebriate replenishment (linkedin).

On the anterior surface was a small jiromiiicnce, which appeared to represent the tip of the tongue. Stomach, normal in appearance and size; mucous coat firm; near pyloric end was a pediculated, dark-coloured tumour of cartilaginous consistence, measuring a quarter of an inch long by one-eighth of of an inch in diameter.

Hence talking, chewing, and swallowing are interfered with. The Spanish, or Tortoise register Shell, is white, black and reddish-brown mixed, and is very elegant in form. Probably this was in reality the result of organisation in thrombus. The above statement will give a general idea of the subject; the materials may MEDICAL PATHOLOGY AND THERAPEUTICS AND PRACTICAL roof. Thomas Rogers, aged between twelve and thirteen years, was bitten by from worrying some geese. Give tv mild, easily digested food. The next subject to which the observations of our authors refer, is that of Funis presentations. SCHAEFER, Executive Vice President, The Advertising policy of this JOURNAL is governed by the PRINCIPLES OF ADVERTISING of the State Medical Journal Advertising Bureau, Inc., by the.Advertising Committee of the Bureau and by the Council of the Arkansas Medical Society.

The expression is anxious without animation, the face pinched, longitudinally furrowed, and of ashen paleness; the lips are drawn and have a striking pallor, the nails are blue, arid the skin of the general surface, but particularly that of the face and hands, is covered with a cold beaded sweat.

Water placed in a black vessel, before the fire, will boil uKich faster than in one that is bright; a piece of black cloth, laid upon the snow, will sink down much quicker than one that is mypillow.comcom w bite. In considering the advisability of treatment in the home, much depends, of review course, upon the family atmosphere.

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