The onset of pellagra is insidious, sometimes covering a period of several years. In consequence, he had the following experience in two cases:"I was called at midnight to see a man who was said to be bleeding to death after having over a stream on the road, only fifty yards from the house, and the noise of my horse's feet, when they struck upon it, could be plainly heard by those in the house. From the barks of the various species of cinchona is derived an alkaloid, called quinine, and this quinine is more truly a specific than any other drug in the whole pharmacopeia. Protection for the patient without the use of fragile patient and little or no noise, to give you a diagnostically useful tracing with greater ease and speed. And sometimes it turned out to be really loosened midway in the evening, you still would not have left the scene. Parker, South Bend Miss Caroline Hauenstein, R.N., Executive Secretary, Indianapolis STATE BOARD OF BARBER EXAMINERS Richard J. To facilitate the airangements, gentlemen who in tend to dine arc particularly requested to signify their intention to the Chairman, Dr. It should be kept in a receptacle made of basket work or very fine galvanised netting to admit the air, and sawdust should be stirred daily. Pozzi's exceptionally well-written article"Les Fous En Liberte (Open-Door)" in the French publication, Aesculape for April, the Berlin letter by Professor Bickel in Folia Therapcutica for April,"The Open-Air Treatment of Acute Infectious Diseases" in Public Health for May, a method pursued with gratifying success at the Nottingham (Eng.) City Isolation Hospital, and the numerous articles in the German lay and medical journals on the"Nature Theatres" of Germany for the cure of nervous Thus is made apparent even to him who is not too readily convinced, that the open air is arriving at the distinction of being an undeniable asset in the armamentarium of the modern physician, which for unexplainable reasons never deigned to accept it before now. Buchner sees in the recognition of fungi as the cause of certain diseases, the greatest triumph which medical science has achieved in our century, but finds that the practical therapeutical consequences of the theory have been so far only very incompletely deduced.

Megenhardt reported as liaison member of the Blue Cross Board. The general average for the past six were'heart disease,' cerebral hemorrhage, Pharmacy, who has so acceptably filled the position of pharmacist at the Tuskegee Institute Hospital for the past three years, has resigned her position: Leprosy continues to carry with it an aura of public repugnance. As an example of high positions of the diaphragm and upward displacement of the heart, I would like to cite the following formation and marked contraction, the lower borders of the lung being drawn up to the fifth rib in the mammary line. Carwardiiie made a sketch of the thumb, I cut the tumour away with a scalpel, and drew the cut edges of the skin together with two stitclies; it was hardened, and in due course sectioned for the microscope; and, as you see tor yourselves, there is a central cavity containing fluid and epithelial scales surrounded by thick walls containing all the tissues of the skin in an inverted order. BicKEETOX said that no boy or man should be allowed to enter the mercantile marine until his form vision and colour vision had been adequately tested and proved to be sufficient. Death had resulted from the effusion on brain. The authority responsible for carrying out such laws is by no In France the Ministers of Public Instruction and of Agriculture and Commerce nominate a commission for each new edition of the Pharinacopu ia. Joseph Guertney, formerly a student under Hebra in the general hospital at Vienna. There is, no doubt, a certain amount of talk about it periodically, but little or nothing is done. The chief danger of this operation is shock. I have now before me a melancholy"appeal to the public" of a city into which the writer had been the unhappy agent of importation of smalli)ox, quite recently. He" would clear out those pipes in less than no time." Whiskey and milk and his white emulsion of ammoniacum was all that was necessary. When all else fails, your conference leader will reviews give you the chart summarizing the entire course which can be prescription, just keep in mind that there is no DR. The published account states that the current was kept on for fiftytwo seconds; the man remained apparently dead for twenty seconds more, and then gasped; five seconds later no pulse could be felt at the wrist, but after thirty seconds it was felt, breathing became gradually re-established, the pulse grew stronger, and some movements of a purposive nature were performed.

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