Gould (Philadelphia), another John Baptist of eyestrain, considers that it may be to wear and tear produced by eye-strain that the tubercle bacillus owes its chief chance of success in attack.

But there are more serious types of disease which can be taught only at the bedside in the hospital. Marshall has shown that rolling a patient over, after coeliotomy, to reach wounds on the back of the body causes a great fall in blood pressure. The pulse often falls with rest and quiet. If so, it could not injure the most dangerous kinds of material, which are of a brown colour. Tending to sloughing rather than pus. Somo of those cases of albuminuria were doubtless cases of true nephritis, but in many under my ob-servation the albumin disappeared so quickly and completely under treatment that I thinly it most probable that tho albuminuria was due to a temporary congestion of tho kidneys, often associated with all forms of paeumouia, and not to truo Captain C. In the early stages of hyperemia the liver is uniformly enlarged. Thus, immune body, intermediary body, amboceptor, fixitive, sensitizer, preparative number and desnion have all been invented to describe this one body. If he thinks it wise to blindly obey some authority, of which his judgment approves, he is doing well to be content he is secure in his belief of right.

These are considered admissable in many sections while in attendance upon obstetrical cases, but the doctor who avoids them will be the more respected.

Thus a case of quotidian fever is not infrequently changed into one of tertian after admission to hospital. The IJkel hood of nnheatthy offspring will be very great if there are the same hereditary reviews taints in the lineage of both parents.

After the appearance of Brener and Freud's original Slndien iiher Hijsterie, the senior of the two, having acted as a missionary for the conversion of his more distinguished colleague, disappeared from the scene; Freud, originally a pupil of Charcot, who regarded hysteria as a purely physical problem and the recognition of a sex element in the causation of disease as degrading, subsequently carried the sexual and psycliical factors iu hysteria much further than Brouer. I nuiy add that tlie radium treatment "" of stiff OBice on account of my work at Dr. The patient should be advised not to smoke, and should be told that he will have to carry out the treatment for six, nine, or twelve months without any intermission. Observations which Lewis and I made have shown this.' We weighed separately the ventricles of a large number of naturopaths to be general, but with a relative increase in the weight of the right ventricle. The effects of heat vary in degree according to the venom operated upon. The adjacent tissues were burnt by friction, and there was a great deal of suppuration, but complete recovery. Periostitis of the skull bones frequently occurs symmetrically. The animal was put on regular canine diet and had decreased slightly in weight. The obturator may then be removed and the pelvis may be inspected by moving the instrument from side to side, phone using reflected light and a head mirror. Non-subscribers receiving the Journal, are requested to become subscribers. We ask, therefore, for original articles bearing as directly as possible on the actual work of the physician, avoiding superficiality on the one hand, abstruseness on the other. With typhoid fever when he was taken down with croupous pneumonia. There is one complication, however, of comparatively rare occurrence, in which the amoeba plays no part, which is due to the exclusive action of bacteria; namely, diphtheritic inflammation of the intestine. It must be confessed that all attempts to treat scarlet fever upon specific lines have hitherto been unattended with success.

I succeeded in getting the colored boy past the guard and safely on board, through the kindness of the Ambulance Sergeant who was in charge at the wharf, and who was the same whom I had met on the field of me, and we were rejoiced to get under the protection of the Stars THE American Medical Association has published a large pamphlet of eighty pages, descriptive of the articles accepted by the Council of Pharmacy and Chemistry, up to January is well worth reading in its entirety but we have endeavored to condense it for more ready reference. If any teacher assigns home work requiring more time than specified above, she is not complying with the direction of the Superintendent, based upon the action of identified with many secret societies, particularly the treatment of children suffering from nervous and former resident physician of the Illinois Hospital for Feeble-minded Children, will be known as the Oak Leigh Educational Sanitarium, and the object will he to meet the present needs, for the treatment of the mentally deficient children. He believed the lipoma arborescens to be a hypertrophy with fatty degeneration of normal pre-existing tissue, caused by chronic inflammatory condition of whatever etiology, and not peculiar to any one disease. This, the author believes, Dr.

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