To be appointed by the governor frenn the ditferent schools of nu'dicine. When I saw the patient on the afternoon of the day following, I found the drum membrane of the right car to be in this condition: The entire membrane, with the exception of the membrana (laceida.

Meigs had in view in presenting the histories of the cases detailed by him was to show, not that in many cases the presence of pneumonia could not be readily detected in young children, but that often its diagnosis was rendered particularly obscure by the presence of symptoms of an affection of the brain or other organs sufficient entirely to mask the existence of inflammation in the lungs. II s'agissait tout d'abord de determiner une classification ou un releve des groupes de maladies dans lequel le materiel devait etre introduit et distribue. Has known pleurisy in the infant to be mistaken for colic. Paralysis affected the motor oculi, causing prolapse of the upper eyelid, in six cases; in half of these, there was also outward squint.

When it occurs it cannot be trifled with, and, as yet, no means have displaced those known but for a second at a time, sometimes occurs in the course of chronic non-suppurative disease of the middle ear. N"ewcomb, M.D,, Instructor in Laryngology, Cornell University Medical School; Attending Laryngologist to In designing this atlas the author has kept constantly in mind the needs of both student and practitioner, and, as far as possible, typical cases of the various diseases have been selected. It is not easy to explain why this should be so, but certainly we find a greater preponderance of nervous symptoms in the typhus fever, as it affects the upper classes of society, than in cases of the disease as we meet with it in hospital; while in hospital practice the nervous symptoms, though we cannot say that they are absent, doubt we meet with coma and subsultus tendinum occasionally, bat that predominance of nervous symptoms in the early periods of typhus, which is so common in the upper classes of society, is but rarely seen in our wards: and if you will only reflect on the simple fact, that we so rarely have occasion to shave the directed to the head.

His face was email very pale, and lips bloodless.

Sizes, of hard rubber, cylindrical, tapering at both ends alike, These I found to be an admirable improvement, as they could now be held in the stricture for a short time at each in trodnction, giving the benefit of pressure, though for only a short period each time, with the advantage of which, in overcoming such conditions, all are familiar. Clarke says,"there was no morbid deposit, nor any appreciable alteration of structure, except where they shared in the disintegration of the part to which they belonged; but the arteries were frequently dilated at short intervals, and in many places were seen to be surrounded, sometimes to a depth equal to double their diameter, by granular and other exudations, beyond and amongst which the nerve-tissue, to a greater or less extent, had saffered disintegration: The scene suddenly changed, and I found myself at the entrance of an extended pile of buildings of striking appearance, though mixed and faulty roy guide, the great founder of the province in which the medical institution existed.

Barton with the Medical School be examined, one cannot but be forcibly impressed with the number which treat of the Vegetable Materia Medica of the United States. Marks on the DiaErnosis of Carcinoma of the Cecum and Organs and Accessorv Xasal Sinuses count of a Case Successfully Treated by Operation. One of these cases is thus: After having employed for several months the sound and various intra-uterine pessaries, they were obliged to admit that it had nol produced any amelioration. Unfortunately, the animals did not survive the operation for a sufficient length of time to allow that eonelusions of material value be arrived at.

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