Corn fodder is not so healthy a food as some others, and in the Southern States, where it is extensively used, many diseases are contracted by its constant use. In other departments, the subjects of infanticide and dwellings of the poor, were discussed, but no new ideas of any importance seem to have been elicited on these points.

He says the great preponderance of suicides in males may be due to several factors: (i) Men are more exposed to weather than women, and quantities of uric acid every month or just after the menstrual period, so that other things being equal they will have less retention and accumulation than men; this monthly plus excretion accounts for the fact that when they do commit suicide it is often just before the monthly period. I have lately observed a case which seems to favor the three years' sickness. When I first saw the case, which was only about a month before I operated, the growth was as large as a full-term pregnancy. Elsewhere, Bernheim offers a reasonable explanation of this result. This is enough to show you how premature rupture occurs, with a resulting miscarriage or premature labor. The patient, a girl, two years of age, was first seen by me in February, at the infirmary, in the service of Dr. In read at twenty feet, but it is more simple and straightforward to say in such a case To return to the hearing: for nearly three years I have recorded the hearing power as a fraction, the numerator of which is the distance at which the particular sound is heard, the denominator the distance at which it should be heard by an ear of good average hearing power. Indeed, the length of time the patient is kept waituig is not a matter of consideration at all; his feelings do not form any part of the case, and the Ilerr Professor lectures on this until he is fully satisfied, however long it may take, the unresisting individual beingrequired, afterwards, patiently to exhibit himself to the closer scrutiny of whoever may have the desire to examine him. Louis Medical and Surgical Journal, in commenting on the action of the California State Society in withdrawing its patronage from the Pacific Medical and Surgical Journal, says:" The editors and proprietors will find that they have been relieved of a great incubus which had not one single real advantage to offer in return." Our neighbor at the Golden Gate will soon realize that the" Sacramento clique" were simply angelic seraphim in disguise ( They expected that these gentlemen would consistently fight for what they held to be right, and against what they held to be wrong, as long as opportunity for fighting with a possibility of victory, offered, and they certainly expected that an effort commensurate with the noisy protests of last year, would be made at the late St.

!t will be found replete with just such practical points as those we have borrowed (review). In typhoid fevers, there is a gradual rise for four the rise in fever be more rapid, it is not likely to be typhoid. Special stress is laid upon the great value of fomialdehyd gelatine as a local hgemostatic. All the constituents needed in infantile nutrition are unquestionably present in mother's milk.


For a time there was a tendency for the disease to return at each menstruation, but this yielded to the increased In another case of a like nature, in a male aged nineteen who contracted gonorrhoea, the history shows the following points of interest: The active discharge from the urethra subsided into what the patient termed the"gleet," accompanied by a copious eruption of flesh-worms on the forehead. Green read In speaking to me on this subject. Watson relates the case of a clergyman, who complained of much pain in the region of his kidneys, the cause of which several eminent practitioners failed to discover, but which was relieved by cupping. Stewart was the son of the late Alexander Stewart, by his wife, Catherine McDiarmid, and was born at Osgoode, educated in the Public School, and at the Ottawa Grammar list of his class. Let discussion be prompt and spirited, even approaching the line of disputation, if you will; we are assembled to elicit truth and relinquish error; and, although good-natured blows may mar the symmetry of some airy castle, its builder will not take umbrage; for, locked in the embrace of a common brotherhood, our ultimate object is not self-aggrandisement but the attainment of knowledge for the alleviation of sufferings This brings me to the subject to which, for a few minutes, I profession to the public at large; and, as a pre-eminent factor thereof, the standing of the profession itself, viewed, as much as in me lies, from an impartial standpoint. The former contain at the most sixty-six per cent, of oil, but frequently not more than fifty per cent., and sometimes not more than twenty-five per cent. But on the other hand, if we are wrong in this, it is clear that this reduction will ultimately prove disastrous to The basis of this distinction in the premiums for life policies in the company referred to, is alleged to be certain data in their possession, showing a decreased rate of mort.ility under that system, as compared with that of the scientific It is also alleged that the statistics of certain European hospitals show a difference in the mortality tables, the results of the two asserted plans of treatment being considerably in favor of the homoeopathic.

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