Strychnine produced no perceptible effect, contrary to anticipation. Great care must be taken to combat this peevishness and irritability by fixing the mind upon pleasant thoughts, and mixing with lively company, if it be available.

It is not only in the jaundice due to poisoning that the altered functioning powers of the hepatic cells play the chief part, but also in those numerous cases met with in practice in which icterus appears from exaggerated hsematolysis, and which for a long time were considered to be hsematogenous. CouBBE OF Inbtbuotion: One regular course of lectures of five months' duration, annually. The medullated nerve-fibres show loss or swelling of myeliue, the latter taking up the stain; or the myeline is granular, the axis-cylinders being interrupted or distorted: The meeting is members of the profession in whose power it may lie, to strengthen and assist the Provincial Board in its laudable efforts at the popularization and diffusion of sanitary knowledge, by adding alike their presence and their strenuous personal endeavours to secure the success of this inaugural convention.

Various other constitutional means have been recommended; but there are comparatively few which deserve adoption. If the manipulations are long continued, it may be necessary to repeat the injection, and for the Cow or Mare it is most advantageous to introduce a long piece of india-rubber tubing well into the uterus, and inject the fluid through this by putting the nozzle of the syringe into the outer end. It had the effect of imperfectly remedying, or else of aggravating the complaint, and rendering it next to impossible of cure. Nearly all the cases have presented evidences of a chronic pia arachnitis, with a varying degree of adhesion of the pia mater to the surface of the cerebral cortex. In nearly half the cases there is no such history. The muscles that are most likely to escape are the sterno-mastoid, the spinati, and the deltoid in the upper part of the body; and the sartorius and the muscles of the calves of the legs in the lower part. Huxley would demand a much deeper and more extensive knowledge of the physical sciences than is yet given to medical students While on this subject I would like to refer to an address given by Mr. The percutaneous as well as the direct faradization of the stomach and of the intestines is therefore powerless to produce contraction of these viscera. By the action of the acids upon this body, a small quantity of cyanogen is produced, and it is stated that unpleasant symptoms have been traced to a mixture of antipyrin and spirit of nitrous ether. Maine, or in the Province of Quebec or Nova Scotia, near the boundary line of this not apply to or be construed to extend to clairvoyant physicians practicing at the present time in this Province, or to midwivea.

Among many other proofs of his manual ability, may be cited how brilliantly he was wont to perform Syme's operation of external urethrotomy without a guide: it is not over-praise, indeed, to affirm that no living surgeon surpassed, few could equal, the dexterity with which he performed this operation.

I read in the annals that the table and cushions I have alluded to were given"suasu Doctoris Moundefordi," and I commend the example to your imitation. It was with the view of gathering the opinions of hospital surgeons on the various methods of treating this affection, that we thought of collecting a few notes on the subject.

Bovcre and painful affections of the bowels to wMch mankind are subjected. Exudation of a semi-fluid colloid substance, hyperplasia of the neuroglia, and abundant nuclear proliferation in the gray matter, have been observed in recent microscopical investigations." j. Reduction with careful taxis is generally easy. The first sound of the heart was short, resembling the second sound in character; both were audible at the apex.

Lavell in seconding the resolution spoke feelingly of the loss which the Council and the The President mentioned the work which Dr.

The poisonous properties of the fluid contained in the reservoir do not cease with the animal's life, but may continue, like some even when the fluid is dried and kept for some time. It is well to impress upon the patient and relatives the chronicity of the condition, but faithful and persistent efforts will yield good DISEASES UF THE SERVOVS SYSTEJt. Now he is a Pediatric Fellow in Infectious Diseases and Immunology at Alabama. Coiisequently, an abscess in the frontal lobe may be attended motor aphasia and agraphia, Aveakness of the muscles of the neck and head on the opposite side of the body, and, if the abscess extend so far back as to iuA'oh'e the motor fibres passing to the internal capsule, some loss of poAver in the face or arm, possibly in the leg, on the opposite From the statements Arhich have just been made, it Avill be obA-ious that the localising symptoms AAdiich result from al)scess in the different areas of the brain (temporo-sphenoidal lobe, cerebellum, etc.) are in many to ear disease Ave can usually, by a careful consideration of all the facts, decide upon the exact position of the abscess. The next International Medical Congress Hot claret is said to be an excellent gargle in acute sore throat, being an agreeable astringent Dr. Then but unnecessary, with all the good methods Skene, in his work on diseases of women, gives the most common-sense directions.

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