This takes place in July, August and September.

They may attain to the size of a small orange, and may be, though rarely, enveloped in mucus or blood-streaked. The above process, termed a course of medicine, first instituted by Samuel Thomson, is the most effectual, consistent and philosophical plan of treatment ever devised for assisting nature in her curative cfTorts, when the system is invaded by disease. Third: There is no depression in the centre of the pustule; it is raised up high, and has an irregular margin. Children are peculiarly subject to a discharge of matter from the ear, and they TOnerally sufier more or less pain for several days before the ear begins to bath. It is obvious that tbe bacilli which cause fresh cases come indirectly from other tuberculous subjects, and it has long been supposed that tuberculosis is a contagious affection; unlike small-pox, scarlatina, and other acute contagious diseases, however, tuberculosis is not transmitted free by a single contact with a person ill of the disease.

The height is usually about three and a half feet. It is highly probable that there is a form of hydrophobia which is the result of the wide publicity given to genuine and Bospected cases alike.


Malignant growths of tbe spleen and lymphatic glands, and also a malarial and passively congested spleen with anemia, may simulate leukemia. All forms of tuberculosis, however, may heal spontaneously in any stage, shipping this being especially true of the local varieties ao common in children, afiecting the lymph-glands, joints, and bones.

Seventh: Neither articular affection nor abrupt cessation of perspiration is an invariable antecedent of acute rheumatism. The nerves at fault were clearly the second, third and fourth lumbar, the hyperaesthetic area in the loin clearly corresponding to the distribution of the posterior divisions of these nerve trunks.

There is some cough, accompanied The phrslcol aigna are bilateral, as a rule, and are generally confined to the bases.

The incision was made parallel to the left costal line; this makes attention to the muscles unnecessary. Physician respondents identified several medical This list is by no means exhaustive, but it does serve to relations. But there is, I think, sufficient historical evidence that the highly contagious and fatal diseases of infancy and childhood, which to a great degree check the increase of population in both hemispheres, were unknown to the American Indian until communicated by the European. RisiEN Russell reports a single case in which the treatment was begun with four minims of liquor arsenicalis and fifteen grains of the ammonio-citrate of iron, three times daily; the dose of the latter was not increased. Under these circumstances the patient is compelled to remain in a recumbent position, being unable to walk or even to sit upright The extreme Eain which sometimes continues for many hours after the bowels ave been moved, is caused by the piles being pushed down, and when the sphincter muscle of the rectum contracts, it grasps them firmly, and thus operating as a ligature upon them, occasions intense pain. It oftenest results from the rupture of aneurysms of the arch or of the large vessels within ihe thorax, or it may be of tniumatic origin (wounds, fractures). - horace wisely insists upon the necessity of slow mastication with abundant insalivation. This is often observed in the head of the femur, producing profound. Make your charge on the old doctor as light as you possibly can, let her have everything necessary, and send me your bill first of next month (coupon). Where it takes place late in the period of gestation, assistance may be needed as with normal parturition, and the same principles, with regard to making an examination, should be carried out. Lubarsch admits that occarionally the particles of degenerated epithelium may be cemented into solid casts by coagulated exudate.

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