Considerirjg the size of the stone, its long continiiance in the bladder, and its hardness (most of the fragments looking like oxalate of lime), this was one of the most satisfactory cases of out patient, had a small calculus lodged in the urethra, near the neck of the bladder, which several times caused total retention of urine, which was relieved almost daily for about a week by the stone back into the bladder, and crushed it, using a small improved instrument). Gfrrcfe was an untiring observer, and never allowed his pressing engagements to interfere with the record of his vast exjjerience for the good of others. To feed on living Lepidoptera: feedback. The small intestine usually contains a turbid serum, similar in appearance to that which was passed in the stools. Legit - pitman, reporting the approval of, and acceptance by, the Royal College of Physicians of London of the Scheme for constituting an Examining Board for England by the President reported, on behalf of himself and the A'icc-Prcsidents, that, since the last jVIeeting of the Council, the Medical Act Amendment Bill had in its progress been so modified as to secure the principal alterations in it desired by the Council, especially in reference to the following four the omission from the Register of any distinction between" higher" and It was thereupon resolvedj nem.

In the choice of an occupation preference should be given to an out-of-door life. In such cases, the prismatic glasses suffice to complete the cure commenced by the operation. Joel then placed him in a bath containing two haudfuls of sulphate of iron.

Demarquay, on the other hand, in a recent report to the French sensitive, no matter how great the intensity of the sleep. In many paroxysms it was accompanied with a general tumefaction; sometimes to such a degree, that the patient was nearly suffocated; his respiration was hurried, the movement of the thorax very slight, the neck swelled, the face puffed up, and of a violet colour, the pulsations of the heart intermitting, and at times scarce perceptible, and death, which appeared imminent, only prevented by large and in which every means of cure had failed, was at last restored solution, for the cure of chronic urticaria.

The name pseudo-bacillus avis of diphtheria should not be given to this avirulent organism. Miu'ray, Grove Lodge, Cambridge reviews Husband, Wm.

Many of the great industries are recognizing that efficiency of work is best attained when perfect vitality of their operatives is secured, and happily very great advances have been made in many directions in regard to reaching this end; but unfortu,tely there are multitudes of other industries, great and small, where no such far-sighted policy prevails. It is divided into three parts, the diseases being gi-ouped together in a manner very convenient for clinical reference.

At various times, I have purposely swallowed large draughts of water Vorticelli, etc., without ever having perceived any subsequent effect. The following is a re'sume' of a system to encourage To get everyone thinking about safety and to promote the safety habit, it has been decided to form safety sub-committees in our different departments, on the plan outlined hereinafter. Elastic fibro-cartilage, treated in the same way, gave a like result; all was dissolved except the fibres and the cells, which were found free in the solution of chondrin; disproving Mulder's dicum, that"the cells of fibro-cartilage Bone was next examined; the earthy matter having been removed by a weak acid, small fragments of the animal matter were boiled, as above described. On tlie Enlargement of the Viscera, ichicli Occurs in Rickets, children certain of the abdominal viscera are apt to increase in bulk; but the nature of this enlargement appears to be imperfectly understood, and is frequently supposed to be the same as the so-called albuminoid degeneration, to which it presents only a very superficial resemblance. And while we have seen some errors, and taken note of many omissions, we have also observed a great many excellences; so that we can cheerfully commend the treatise as presenting a valuable and useful compendium of operative surgery, suitable for study or reference. Valerianate of zinc, quinia, iron, henbane, camphor, and sponging the body with cold water, had all been tried, but had been productive of no administered every four hours. There are three signs commonly considered. Drowned bodies would rise in the summer months on an average of from six to ten days, as he found out by experience. This danger may certainlv be lessened by previously securing full dilatation of the cervical canal, The propriety of tracheotomy in pseudo-membranous croup is so vexed and so important a question, that the following record of a case, in which the operation was succeeded by recovery, may not be without interest.

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