It shows, and the iodine cooperates with it effectually The logical treatment of pneumonia is rest, support and iodized calcium. Butler's verse have appeared from time to time in Clinical genius in this line.

Its whole length was nearly twenty inches, and its The whole of the surface of the trunk was soft and of a pale colour, except on the back, where we remarked an ecchymosis or violet stain, unequally circumscribed and oblong, about three and a half inches in length, and two inches in which we assured ourselves by dissection. It is to be remembered that, whereas olein is, in some measure at least, taken up by venous absorption, the solid fats have to pass by the lacteal route; and thus, when substituted for oil, in the form of pancreatic emulsion, they relieve the tax upon the choked-up venous system. He was sent for again in five hours, and as the pains had increased he removed the tampon. Pick performed osteotomy on both sides, dividing the neck of the femur on the right side and the shaft of the bone just below the trochanters on the left. One teat TREATMENT:- Cooling applications, short rations, containing little proteids. The anguish which is exhibited at this stage of the disease, and during the paroxysms of interrupted respiration, can better be imagined than described.

Dr Williams reported a case of injury to the drum membrane with displacements of the ossicles, resembling Menieres disease, from which the patient is slowly recovering under local treatment of the code injury combined with the use of Politzer's method of inflation, by which latter the ossicles were each time made to assume their natural position, accompanied by an entirely involuntary, complete"turn out" of the patient's body. He considered the use of the tampon good, and, as suggested by a friend of his, that a large bathing sponge would make a good tampon in case of emergency. She was two years and three weeks old, and between five and six weeks before his visit she began to droop; her appetite also failed somewhat, and she suffered from thirst, with progressive loss of flesh and strength. The whole article is abundantly worth reproducing if we had the space for it.

Review - the interest of the patient is best served when his problem is evaluated by the general physician and he is directed in the choice of such special examination as he may need. Acetone and diacetic acid would be markedly and persistently increased by a sudden restriction of the diet, and exercise -would increase the glycosuria (coupon). Tlie sentiments are the same, the logic (?) is the same, and the principle is the same. This is better than not taking it at all, but I prefer its being mixed into a more fluid state. It might be argued, however, that if it was simply a little dearer for the druggists it would not be any dearer for those who make it a practice to administer the treatment in their offices, and it would be a convenient way to obtain the gas with the absolute certainty of its being perfectly I would like to say a word about the marked indistinctness that has characterized some few of the reports. He thought the rule should be strenuously adopted to make the incision directly at a right angle to the long Dr. But we are bound to recognize the distinctions between the conditions of life and the essential properties of living things; and, as I proposed when beginning, so now I hope I may have succeeded in showing that it will be very useful if you will study pathology in bodies less complex than our own, especially in such as are not subject to those conditions of our own elemental conditions, namely, of a nervous system and a quickly circulating And not let me, only for a minute, claim the position of a senior in oar profession, that I may tell how the study may be useful for something more thin the direct advancement of knowledge. Guinea-pigs can experimentally be made tuberculous by putting some dust under their skins; and if the dust is obtained from rooms in which tuberculous patients are being treated, the chance of a successful inoculation is much greater than that in the case of dust taken from other apartments.

The cord, therefore, is never affected in this way, until the abdominal Cicatrization of the umbilicus. For riding, either stout khaki drill or the admirable cotton cords made at Cannanore are most suitable, and they are best cut after the pattern of the very handy" Puttialla" breeches, in which the breeches are prolonged below the knee into a closely fitting extension formed like a gaiter, as this does away with the necessity of wearing the very hot and unsanitary long boot. The author is Professor of Practice in the Cooper Medical College, San Francisco, and has already appeared before the profession in some smaller works. Milner Fothergill, and I regret greatly that I cannot tell it with the same power and vividness that he did.

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