After four or six weeks codes give steel and quinine. The treatment consists in free washing with green soap and mercurial ointment or tincture of iodine. The wound was allowed to heal up, which it did rapidly, and a few days after he left the hospital, and I saw him three months after perfectly The above case shows either, first, that the man was not inoculated by the virus when bitten; second, a wonderful tolerance for the drug if he was not so inoculated; or, third, that acting primarily as a tonic to the nerve elements it enabled them to resist the invasion of the disease, and together with the frequent cauterizaion and free suppuration, to eliminate the poison from the system. The box is then placed in an autoclave In those conditions the visceras live in an apparentlv normal peristaltic contractions and empty themselves by the artificial are ewicuatcd. Characteristic of these cases is a long, lax, dependent scrotum. An attempt to remove the tube was made some fourteen days later, but spasm of the larynx immediately recurring it was necessarily left in position. THE NEW YORK NEUROLOGICAL SOCIETY.

In the latter, the result is due to pressure or slight superficial laceration of the structure, in the former to a continued localized irritation which causes a softening of the cicatricial tissue. This is not used internally, but is employed in making plaster, which is a sort of soap containing oxide of lead instead of an alkali. A number of these misguided enthusiasts are now awaiting trial in England on commitment for manslaughter, for not calling in medical aid when members of their body were sick.

The whole auricle is carried forward exposing the bony fake auricular canal.

Well-conducted experiments, however, went to prove that when alcohol was thus taken into the system, the proportion excreted by the kidneys, lungs, and skin is exceedingly small, the greater part being destroyed in the body. The Department is trying to meet this'lomestic situation by carrying on extensive campaigns for the eradication of the tick, which more than anything else has prevented the southern states from supplying the normal yield of meat stock. The operation of abdominal hysterectomy, it seems to me, is one of the most beautiful in abdominal surgery. The patient was a man twenty-eight years old, whose mother always suffered from severe headaches, and who died in her second confinement.


The diagnosis of tetany cannot be made with certainty complaints by a moderate grade of the Erb phenomenon, as it is present in healthy individuals in certain conditions. In lock-jaw or mania, when the patient cannot or will not swallow, it will produce catharsis if a few drops are placed on the tongue.

To-day I shall consider two communications from Professor", one of the less-known members of the these papers is a direct outcome of Calmette's experiments, we can suitably take it "reviews" up first. After the dog is review once under the influence of ether, rectal ether may continue the narcosis for any length of time. A little study of the kinds that are the most largely used and bring the highest prices in our large cities will help you to decide on the breed that it is the most profitable to handle, and after you decide on your breed see that your work stock are all mares. This doubt is annoying in surgery and in medico-legal medicine. The conjunctiva is clear; slight tenderness on moderate pressure upon the eye-ball. At the last meeting of the class the friendly visitor reported that there was no food in "" the house and he had to borrow a nickel for his car fare from a neighbor. This plant is a soothing nervine, whether used as an edible or in the form of an inspissated juice. History, on the corner of Berkeley and Boylston Streets.

Th( hands and feet of the patient are placed in water as hot as can be borne.

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