And most wonderful are the nicety, the precision, the rapidity of touch thus gained.

His features even assume, by degrees, a peculiar character; he becomes subject to insane delusions, and too often he sinks at last into utter and hopeless fatuity.

From the few experiments made by the author this effect of age is fatal or harmless accordino; to the a"e of the animal.

P.) Memoire sur I'Angine epidemique ou Emerins (J.

On the second day a teaspoonful of brandy was given every three hours. It is a more rational belief than a fire and brimstone nswhealth.moodle.com.au hell, and there are those who say they believe that.

Antiseptic powders may advantageously be used as ingredients of most snuffs. They find, also, that when consciousness, and the power to swallow, have been thus restored, it is hetter to give some moderate stimulant rum and water, for instance than to use any form of depletion. And is known as the pharyngeal tonsil and is especially well developed in children. Parrish's Pha: macy" is a well-known work on this side of the water, and the fact shows us that a really useful work never becomes merely local in its fame. Further, calves have been successfully inoculated with smallpox, with the development of conditions identical with those of cowpox. Endowed with the subtlest activity, they were able to reach the remotest points of earth in the twinkling of an eye, and by their great prescience, were eagerly sought potential means of preservation and duration through the Middle Ages, the secrecy of instruction imparted to initiates was of especial importance, and resembled the methods adopted Although the origin of cabbalistic lore lies concealed in the darkness of distant ages, its effective existence was recognized by the sacred and profane society of the first centuries, and doubtless such recognition developed from the writings of sciences was a mighty propelling force towards cabbalistic sources, whose fascinating forms were greatly embellished and enlarged, when the more ancient Aristotehan philosophy had survived its usefulness, and the Alexandrine schools were waging bitter warfare against multiplying sects and the Christian Church, particularly since the elements of the Cabbala closely assimilated to the amalgamation of Oriental doc trines with the Platonic-Pythagoreanism." The mania for mystic erudition which swept so strongly through the Roman Empire in the early ages of the Christian Church, aided in degrading the science of medicine in the second century, to such extent that its most eminent professor complained of this debasement arising from enthusiasm for these rites and The embittered denunciations of the Fathers against the use of magic attested the fervid zeal manifested by the leading minds of the period to become initiated into the mysterious secrets claimed to be imparted within closed sanctuaries." During the time of Hadrian and the Antoninii, a public proffer was made by the Jews and Pagans at Rome of initiation into these occult sciences, formerly the exclusive property of the Egyptian priesthood, whose possession it was asserted gave an undisputed control over the world of demons and by the potential efficacy of amulets, talismans, and uttered spells, procured for the possessor a mastery over nature. "After him the deluge!" Ask the God of the Bison if man is not an epidemic. It gives a man a wrong sense of security and the doctor wastes a lot of good medicine, a lot of quinine, for instance, because he thinks there is some symptom that points to malaria: nswhealth.moodle.com.au/login/index.php. Perversions of natural instinct are common As a result of culture, the white Leghorn hen rises to great heights of genius in egg laying, but how many chickens will she hatch if the matter is left to her own choice? Not one! She then is worthless as an example of high development, so far as propagation of progeny is concerned. The fiuestion which arises is what is the cause that brought about marked induration and swelling of tlie right testicle by the reinoculation in the same, while the complete vaccinal immunity was clearly detected on the skin-surface.

In the case of imfjacted cerumen, for exami)le, the selection of dissect it out, either as a eontiuuous wliole or in separate fragments, tliis can only be done by a person who is thoroughly familiar with the use of a forehead reflector and possesses a fair degree of manual skill. In another case the diverticulum was becoming more and more dilated, and eventually it would be impossible to pass the tube into the stomach. The gauze drain is removed on the third or fourth day, and a fresh dressing applied. I have already briefly touched upon that slight and limited palsy of the face which forms a part of ordinary hemiplegia. Two days afterwards, not feeling otherwise ill, she was unable to shake hands with Dr. On the other arm of the bifurcation in men we have the exquisite dilettante, as well as men with even creative minds, capable of expressing the deep and full play of the feminine kind of emotions. Enormous waste might be stopped if teachers were to go to the summer resorts and make up classes in nature study.

Rich children and poor conform (generally speaking) to the type of the cases from which they themselves have contracted the disease.

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