In the few cases observed where this abnormal fraenum had been left uncut there "code" seemed to be no ill-effects. Augustus Wilson; and physical methods in opthalmic therapeutics"Atonia Gastrica" (Abdominal Relaxation), by Achilles Rose, M. De pulvere nigro qui vcnenosos humores trahit (review). The distal end of the vein is now tied and an opening made near the middle of the exposed portion about half way through its diameter, or if the vein be large, then just enough of an opening is made to accommodate the entrance of the canula, which is introduced, having been previously adjusted to the rubber tube of the salvarsan container and the air in it displaced by a small amount of fluid. The fibres of the rectus muscle are replaced and the wound is closed in its anterior sheath, with a continuous catgut suture which grasps the cut end of the round ligament. The city was perfectly willing that visitors should come there for the money which could be squeezed out of them, but such denials for a temporary advantage, work the other way. The latter remains sharply defined between the urine above and the acid beneath, while the former rises in the course of a minute or two above the contact line. At her recei)tion, the whole thigh was intumcsced and fluctuating, especially in the neighborhood of the epiphysis. Most of these are simple and can be peri.hout any complicated apparatus. Therapeutic Implications of ACTH discount and Cortisone THE AVAILABILITY of both Cortisone and ACTH makes it necessary for all physicians to become cognizant of the possible usefulness of these two potent biological products. After he has finished his course he will find very few days which he can have entirely to himself and he may need a strong constitution to accomplish his work, and then wish he had taken more healthy outdoor The foot ball team which was organized last fall were disappointed the same as the present club, but they should not give up the idea of having games of base ball now and a good team of foot PREPARATION FOR A MEDICAL COURSE. Pronation is the position of ligamentous contrasted with muscular sapport, and is the position It was first sought to determine whether pathological and physiological pronation are identical in the site and direction of the movement, to compare the range of movement in the two cases, and to determine - Pronation (from photograph). Minot, Boston, Mass.; Felix Pinkus, Berlin; Florence R. Every point in the code is taken up and commented upon. At Use five wooden cubes of same size and may be used. Every case of scnrvy, except this one, I have seen in consultation. AS, however, their shape has either not at all altered, or not appreciably, since they have been known and observed, they must cither have very little mass, or they must be of colossal size and distance. The treatment of this drug habit is comparatively simple. Elsewhere the walls of gall-bladder are flaccid, somewhat thickened and firm, and contained about an ounce of bile mixed with mucopus.

Only the exceptional persons keep up mental growth longer, a few developers are as well or farther advanced all the way down to the border line of imbecility in which mental growth is checked in early childhood. "But what do you find on auscultation?" asked Dr. Should there be any deviation therefrom, or should any of the orders given by thd Health Ofiicer to such vessels not be strictly carried out, he will report the fact immediately to the Medical Director of this Department (safe). The strength of the patient was considerably increased by the use of iron and cod-liver oil. It was discovered of certain procedures that they were reddit unworthy of the space allotted to them in professional writings. Restricted as I have said, this method will prove useful, especially in cases with regurgitant heart lesions or enlarged prostate.

It is not possible to vividly portray the critical condition of this patient when admitted to the hospital. The symptoms elicited from the cochlear apparatus have little or no pathognomonic significance, since the cochlear apparatus may already have been injured in its function through the middle ear disease.

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