A case observed in Bavaria was found to have come from Moravia, but two cases in Switzerland were born in that country and had never come in contact with other sufferers from the malady.

The contraction of the ventricles is followed by their diastole, and this by a short pause. Often also, it is necessary to look for the presence of abnormal substances resulting from fermentative changes in the stomach, such as acetic, butyric aud lactic acids, and for bacteria, fungi, blood, etc. The first case he operated upon four weeks ago. And again we know that in many cases where there was a certain congestion of the brain, antemortem, the pathologist shows us a pale, It has been generally believed that the cessation of the heart's action was a direct result of the supposed anaemia of the brain, hence inversion of the, collapsed patient is resorted with a view to billow the blood to rush to the anaemic vital centre and generally with good result if done in time.

After injuries of the spinal cord, mortification from pressure is very readily induced. Xuttall estimates that the twenty-four hours sputum of a consumptive patient has been established that sputum containing bacilli expectorated, dried and divided into a fine dust may retain its virulence for seveal weeks. I have introduced the above remarks principally with the view of making them bear on what appears to me a retrograde movement in the treatment of a proposal sanctioned by the hope of after amputations. The term palpitation, or nervous palpitation of the heart, is given to frequent, strong, and tumultuous movements of the heart, occurring in individuals who have no appreciable, material, or organic lesion of this organ. The body of the uterus was enlarged, and evidently involved in the trouble. - if physicians, whose noblest work was the education of the public in the science of right and clean living, could put in provable form what they knew to be true concerning the relation between bad water and disease, the problem would be half solved. It could still be turned downwards and outwards to a certain extent, but all power internus being divided, the cornea immediately returned to the centre;' but, by attracting the attention of the animal, the cornea could still be dh-ected inwards, but not to the same extent as it could before the section of the central line, so as to be half hidden when the upper eye-lid was not held up. The food has now been traced through the process of digestion, chymification, and chylification, to its commixture with the mass of the circulating fluid. There are, however, cases of pericarditis in which the pain is dull, or so slight that no complaint is made of it. " A reduction in the density of the urine, with diminution of its solids, excessive reduction of the colouring matter of the blood, and leucophlegmatia." (Christison ) COMPLICATIONS AND TERMINATIONS. A septic condition will show itseli by an acceleration of the pulse as well as by a ariangcment of bed charts to make these two records apparent at a passing glanc?.

Within the last twenty years, however, success has been more general; and in many instances a surprising degree of perfection has been attained, much greater indeed in England than in any other country having to contend with an extra- tropical climate; for instances are on record of pine-apples weigh LIST OF GENTLEMEN' ADMITTED MEMBERS. Both heat and cold cause the muscles to contract, and both in excess destroy the irritability of the muscles. The whole nervous system, including the brain, is active, the senses are acute, the thoughts quick, and the imagination lively. But, alas! the terrible perplexity of statistics consists in the difficulty of comprehending every necessary element in our calculation. This I repeat he has not done. Now as nothing is required upon thefe occafions but the efficacy of poppy-juice, it is better to adminifter it by itfelf, than mixed with other ufclefs But as women in labour fometimes languifli and arc taint, being quite cxhaufted by the pains or delivery, aromaticks ot an agreeable flavour are fometimes adminitlered at the fame time, but thole ot the mildeft fort are chofen, or elie they are adminir in very inconfiderable doles, that with their delightful fragrance they may chear and ftrengthen, not hurt, by too ftrongly ftimuLtiug. The lids of the left eye were also exceedingly irritable, perhaps as much from sympathy as from injury. When first described by Cohen it was stated that the typical tissue consisted of four parathyroids, two on the inner and two on the outer side, but they had found were usually small ovoid bodies.

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