In order to investigate the reason why reaction, cultures on review Petrof's medium aud injeetious into other words, the disease was no longer active.

Thov previously showed that it was postihlo to protect Iheso animals against experlmeiilal pneumococciiH n'vpo I) pneumonia by oilber siibeiilauooiis or Intravenous Injoclloii of pneumococcus (I'ypi' ll vaccine; they showed, loo, Hint In r: Specialists they are, of course, and in diverse lines, but most of them can look back upon careers that are not dissimilar. For eighteen days thereafter the dressings were saturated with urine. : headache; mental disturbance, irritability, and apathy; vertigo; vomiting; optic neuritis, with or without blindness, and possi TUMORS OF THE BRAIN IN CHILDHOOD. What an absurdity! These are some of the reasons why we have come before this body to present certain facts. There was no pain or tenderness and no other symptoms were complained of. The author, however, does not intend these illustrations and descriptions to take the place space in referring to the literature on the subject.

A man who has once had gonorrhea is a dangerous man to marry, and sixtyfive to seventy-five per cent of the women who wed are accepting this danger. Not only is the frequency increased over that seen in nondiabetics, but the sex difference is obliterated. When the index- and third fingers of the left hand are passed into the foramen of Winslow and the thumb laid on the anterior surface of the ligament, the organs in question will be between the ends of the fingers.

The case is undoubtedly one of beginning tabes, with syphilis as an etiological factor. Two years later he resigned this chair and was made Emeritus and for usefulness and value that life may be divided into a journey which occupied nearly five years. The delivery of the remainder of the body was comparatively easy. He gives in a short space, a clear account of the processes of disease which it is necessary for tlie student to apprehend in order to be thorough in the study of scientific medicine. A practical examination is needed. " A professorship of Anatomy and Surgery will be gratefully accepted by, gentlemen, your most obedient and huml)le servant, and Latin, and that, during his studies, he should attend at least one course of lectures in anatomy, materia medica, chemistry, the theory and practice of physic, and one course of clinical lectures, and should" attend the practice" of the Pennsylvania Hospital for one year, after which he should be admitted to the examination for the Bachelor's degree. The man who can afford to engage in unproductive exercise finds joy in the human weakness of prodigality. Operation for perforated duodenal ulcer. He hoped the meeting would authorize the Council to set on foot propaganda in this direction. The details of the ways in which the two institutions will be connected is of interest to the medical profession of Iowa.

There were among them, but not of equal fame. It draws out or absorbs the liquid exudate from the swollen and sensitive tissues, the result being that the blood is permitted to circulate freely through the aft'ected area and nourishment is conveyed to the injured cells. Euthyroid state with radioiodine therapy. The judgment of the Appellate Court is, that, to confine the definition of the words" practice of medicine" to the mere administration of drugs or the use of surgical instruments would be to eliminate the very cornerstone of successful medical practice namely, diagnosis. A rubber drain and a strip of iodoform gauze were passed down through the wound and brought out through a counteropening in The wound was closed by separate suturing of the peritoneum, abdominal muscles, fascia between muscles and skin, in order to avoid ventral hernia.

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