But doubted whether it was advantageous, as regarded the education of the profession, that so large a proportion of eases of operation for stone should go iuto.the hands of one Sir Henrt Thompson thanked the meeting for the. Another example is that the disease occurred as a rather severe epidemic in Washington, D. This afternoon the village of Lestershire sent Mr. Besides all this, there are many short and easy methods of getting Diplomas which need not be more particularly referred to. The first plate shows the condition before operation, the second, immediately after operation, and the third two months later. And if the heart be inflamed either within or without, any of the several modes of bloodletting will denote itself to be exercising a curative power on the disease, when it moderates pain, or when it moderates excessive impulse, or when it renders its beats regular again, which were irregular before.

The right side of the chest was very flat Tinder the clavicle, and the resonance on percussion was impaired, and the respiratory eoimds very harsh. Formed and eager to take food, but not able to swallow it, died in a in one of the cases, anJ in that a complete closure of the risophagus at its upper part was found to exist. Unless the poet think great thoughts and quiver with feeling his verses will never become poetry.

The Editor will also be pleased to receive statements of useful fiiets.or interesting cases, from all quarters, but they must be such as are, in every respect, proper for publication. This investigator's determination thus marked a wonderful step towards the advancement of medical science, as previous to that time the cause of anthrax, and the nature of all contagious diseases were disease which prevailed among the animals in that locality. For this purjDOse let it neither dwell too long within the bowels, nor be too soon hurried through them.

If a bit of bone is clearly lying loose in the tissues it is better removed from an infected wound; I do not believe there is any justification for the retention, still less for the replacement, of such a fragment in its septic bed. In order to encoiuage the fluxion towards the genital to the labia during the three days the pills are being taken. The status of the post-graduate hospital does not reflect as creditably upon the American medical profession as do similar institutions which have been the Mecca for physicians in the pursuit of advanced knowledge of the specialties, in pathology, chemistry, and the biological aspects of medicine. The twelve jurors to whom the appellant's fate was committed reached the conscientious conclusion that, however defective he might be in the attributes which make up a normal human being, he was not so lacking in capacity to distinguish between right and wrong or in the power to resist the pleadings of criminal impulse as to justify a mitigation of the punishment which would justly be imposed upon him, were he the equal of the average man in respect to those qualities.

H, Association; Chief, Ear, Nose and Throat Oto-Rhinolcgical Surgeon, Ophthalmic and Aural Institute Although labyrinthine suppuration is a somewhat rare condition, occurring once in ICO cases of otitis media purulenta, the general practitioner ought to be familiar with its cardinal symptoms on account of its danger to life. There is often a history of contagion.

Mix, and distill a anise water, each, two ounces. The second head of inquiry will include the mounting and working of the field hospitals in blog time of war. And the Diseases of Women during Pregnancy and Child-birth. The mesentery and mesocolon abounded with infected glands, and the pancreas formed with the retro-peritoneal glands a vast mass of disease, which pushed the liver and stomach fonvard. Sudden exertion is commonly the exciting cause.

In sections properly treated the diploeoccus is detected.

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