In my next experiment I approximated the thyroid and arytenoid cartilages, which enlarged the glottis and rendered the chordae vocales less tense, and the voice became quite grave.

In any case where an experienced hand has failed to overcome the obstacle at the brim with three steady tractions, the forceps should be discarded and craniotomy at once performed. Climatic conditions, one might say, are in some cases injurious, but in general beneficial. Erysipelas, puerperal fever, and septicsemic sore-throat all are forms of streptococcus infection closely related to each other. The discussion of this subject is by no means exhausted; but to conclude, for the present, the hope is entertained that the vital importance of applying a radical remedy to the evil as it now exists, and which cannot fail to injure the character of the city for healthfulness, to divert the immigrant from the settlement he otherwise would be disposed to make, and even induce families to break up their homesteads, will induce the proper authorities to give it the study it merits. The census enumerators go from house to house and secure certain information regarding each individual. And, more particularly, the main object of venesection is, to lessen over-distension of the venous system, under which term I include all the vessels that contain black blood, the systemic veins, the right cavities of the heart, and the pulmonary artery.

A relaxed, subinflammatory, enlarged condition of the uterus, often, and it may be always, precedes and predisposes to the displacement; but it is the displacement which occasions the pain, and gives I propose, in the next place, to call your attention to another class of cases in which uterine lameness exists.

Hearts, and so many are untimely cut off in their questionable testimony, undeniably proves that the If we were writing for the public we should tell that is in us; we should appeal to them in the name of humanity and common sense to take the matter into their own hands, and not rely longer on those who have the power, but apparently not the knowledge to stop the pestilence; we should tell them that a thousand tongues have said again and again, and recorded experience has vei'ified the utterance, that universal vaccination and revaccination is the only remedy and the very ready antidote; that prudence has suggested the necessity of disinfecting the house and clothing where an infected person has been, and that while infected he should be kept as isolated as possible. She lay supine and unconscious; breathed stertorously; was blind and deaf; in short the only relics of the animal functions were evinced by her still executing the movements of swallowing, and moaning when her tympanitic belly was pressed in the region of the caecum. The tumor grew so rapidly, and the pain so severe and constant, that he was obliged to quit work and come into hospital for treatment. About one-fifth of the proteids of cow's milk is in a soluble form, similar to albumin, and can be absorbed with little digestive effort; but when the milk is diluted for the infant the quantity of this easily absorbed proteid becomes exceedingly small, and the proteid that the infant actually gets has a tendency to contract and harden, exposing a small surface to the action of the digestive juices and forming a well-protected culture medium for putrefactive bacteria that may be present in the milk. Humans are susceptible to the ease in turkeys and other nonpsittacine birds is called ornithosis. A symptom was well marked in this case, to which attention had been drawn by Mr.

Barnett be appointed a committee to prepare a suitable obituary notice for the next Secretary: The following resolution has been placed in my until after all discussion called for by any member of this Society shall special subject which he would like to discuss before this Society, shall notify the Secretary of said subject at as early a time as practicable, and that it be incumbent upon the Secretary to issue a circular to the several members of this Society, stating the several subjects which will be presented for discussion, at least sixty days before our annual meeting. Several instances were observed in which one of a double team of horses had become infected and the other remained normal, though these horses were watered from the same pail and fed in the same trough and had not, to the owner's knowledge, been separated.

All surgeons have regarded it at best as a dangerous remedy. His mind was so broken that he shed tears, on the sUghtest emotion. All kinds of reactions (polarity, vibratory rate and wavemeter index, splanchno-diagnosis, etc.) may thus be made despite distance, and all the reactions thus far executed were as distinct as though made in my San Francisco, whose eminence as an andrologist is conceded. Death was doubtless due m large part to the effect of the gases and'the fall of twenty feet, and not to drowning, as very little water was found in the lungs. Under ordinary circumstances it possesses small powers of penetration. Dogs or cats become infected with Taenia tapeworms by eating the respec pet owners want their pets rid reinfection with Dipylidium. The one principal change is the increased proportion of polymorphs as is shown by The muscular and granular tissues are affected with parenchjaiiatous degeneration. Or where the stomach is kept in a state of constant excitement by full diet and tit-bits, that the mental organ is not duly excited, making good the passage in"Fat paunches have lean pates; While dainty bits make rich the ribs, And that idiotism may be dependent on some defect in the communication of excitement, to the intellectual portion of this organ; and cretinism to the same, though secondarily induced, as a consequence of defective supply, resulting from the respiration of malaria, or a very rare and attenuated atmosphere. The same whose misery and disease is so appalling and some so remediless and disgusting that we are compelled to close our eyes against a sight that fills us with horror." Cases of ophthalmia, scrofula, and elephantiasis are very common. Cullerier uses the ointment of the hydriadate of potass, to the extent of from half to hours. Because colostral antibody interferes with vaccination, cats should be vaccinated weeks of age. But, as far as we can judge, Dr.

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