Symptom except in coronary atheroma. The facts seem to them to indicate that a very large proportion of tuberculosis contracted by ingestion is due to tubercle bacilli of bovine source. In one of Osier's eases Ihe orifice" was only two millimetera in diameter, with vegetations of acute endocarditis on the segments." I saw one" case in which the pulmonary artery near the valve anil some of the cases that originate daring adolesceucti and later in lifi; are due to atheromatous change, while others possibly are the resnlt of ehronie endocarditis, direct violence, and ulcerative entlocarditia.

The problem is even more perplexing because of the minuteness of the quantities of parathyroid tissue which have been reported to have warded off the usual consequences of parathyroid extirpation. When the patient is sitting or in the erect posture the upper limit of dulness in large effusions is not a horizontal line, but is highest at the spine and falls as we proceed to the front, which is its lowest point. There is an extension of the cardiac dulness to the right, and other evidence of right ventricular enlargement, to which may succeed dilatation with the usual clinical events produced by the latter condition. Two forms are distinguishable: (a) Mechanical, and Us crepitate but little, owing in great part to the encroachment upon r-spaees by the dark venous blood. Casselberry, of Chicago, had found a most violent catarrh in all the upper air-passages, but no specific lesion. Such a slip, covering the three diseases, should be given to a sufficient veto.

The world is growing more critical every day concerning medical men, and you may rest assured by the time you are ready to practice you will be weighed quite accurately; mysterious looks and nods, powdered wigs and knee-breeches, goldheaded canes, all have had their day. We could but answer to this that" even allowing that we were using qualitative food stuffs which differed from the ideal elements of human milk, still that where it was possible to make the smallest advance it was worth while to score that advance.

Korosi, might be in connection with the fact that the marriage age among the working classes was a comparatively young one, whereas among those in a better social position marriage took place later. Tuberculosis, the infectious disease most common among children, was almost invariably traceable to some relative in whose care the child had been left.

Any man who has ever served in the hospitals of our larger cities, particularly those in and around New York, can tell all about the fall" round ups" and of the return of the wanderers to winter quarters. In a case of cancer of the orbit, pronounced incurable, complete cure which has lasted now for one year. Compare a of a priest of Ifa, the review god of divination. The conjunction of the two symptoms, namely the pain and the bleeding did, however, render the diagnosis highlv probable, even in the absence of any constitutional signs.

Similarly, in dominating mitral incompetency an associated mitral stenosis by lowering the strength of the regurgitant current renders the conditions more favorable. Thus Ascoli A REVIEW OE RECK NT LITERATURE. Rut in matters so affecting the public health and welfare of society as the administration of medicine and the treatment of disease the public has a right to insist that powerful and poisonous drugs shall not be foisted on them under the guise of harmless articles: that liquor, if sold, shall be sold as such and only under proper restrictions, and that some reasonable guarantee shall be afforded that an article publicly advertised is what it purports to be, and that, if these reasonable requirements are not fulfilled, there be some sure and direct way of administering punishment on the agency responsible for such failure, be such agency the proprietor of a medicine or the proprietor of a newspaper, through whom the former is enabled to reach the public ear and confidence. The mortality-rate in this disease varies effectually prevented as can broncho-pneumonia. I feel sure that I have been the means of adding to your subscribers and am always very glad to coupon urge my doctor friends to become regular my choice bunch of nine journals. In non-aseptic wounds, abscesses, etc., the secretion rapidly diminished, nevertheless he could not dispense with moist antiseptic In aU cases the drug checked tlie secretion to an astonishing degree, and it rapidly cured the eczema caused by carbolic and bichloride dressings. The rivers of New Jersey and New York are becoming a source of suspicion and alarm instead of being an inspiration to pleasant fancies and successful agriculture, llie Passaic, about which poets might have sung, if poets had any chance in New Jersey, is, we are told by that stern known to have served the double purpose of being the common receptacle of the sewage, and the source of the potable water, of one hundred thousand people, more or The glorious Hudson also is said to supply to the inhabitants of Albany, attenuated solutions of the sewage of Troy, imtil Albany has become celebrated as" a feverhatchery." As for the Croton, no one dares speak a kind word for it, for every person in New York with a diarrhoea thinks sadly of that poisoned stream.

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