Fitch, of Logansport, was born in Le Roy, New York, the Civil war, he occupied the chair of surgery in several of the medical Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry (later mounted infantry), and much of the time commanded the famous Wilder's Brigade of ilounted Infantry. In a general way, it may be said, that those neuroses which are dependent upon or complicated by actual inflammation, acute or chronic, and it was covered by borated cotton, over which antiseptic gauze was applied, and the whole closed with strips of rubber While publishing this for the benefit of those who are anxious to try new plans of treatment, we believe that no peculiar benefit is to be derived from sponge or cotton-grafting, and that the older plans of treatment, as modified by antisepticism, give excellent results. A very large number of carriages followed the hearse. - b Crosby, He had been a man of very robust consii, but for the past two or three years had suffered with attacks of gout, and was now certainly hich he had suffered came with terrific violence..i both temporo-maxillary articulations, and when he came into my office his teeth were chattering, like erne in a malarial chill, from excessive irrit.i- j tion and tpasm of the muscles of the jaw. - these tumors rarely are painful, but may cause symptoms through atrophy of the corium where the fibromata are perforating, (c) Pigmentation, in the form of freckles, blotches, or diSuee areas, (d) Subcutaneous on any of the nerve trunks from the centre to the periphery. Such peanut politics bore bitter fruit in increasing partisan hostility.

Kreuter of Erlangen begins with the truism that tetanus is a most dreaded form of wound infection. In agriculture and manufacture the learned Owenites were not as successful as the supposedly ignorant Rappites, chiefly because they were not so industrious; but partially because they did not manufacture intoxicating liquors, and discouraged their use or sale in the community, in every way possible. Some Part of its Diet fhould be contrived to have a contrary Tendency; fuch as we find only in Flefh, which is the diredt oppofite to acid, anxl tends to Putrefaction. In this case, too, there was a keloid tumour on the tongue. Comaz, in an appendix expresses his opmion, that this di.scovery"wiU regenerate the business of broad generalisation to draw from twenty-nine experiments or coincidences observed in one domesticated species of ruminants! DEATHS IN SUB-DISTRICTS FROM EPIDEMICS. About the same time her stomach began to trouble her.

Care should be taken in the diet, particularly if gastric crises have occurred. Deaths at Decennial Periods of Lin. Facts from county representatives and make facts to state committees according to advice from central governing board or state Under the reorganization, every legally qualified physician, man or woman, holding the degree of Doctor of Medicine from a legally chartered medical school, who is! not now attached to the Government setvice, and without reference to age or phy- I sical disability, may apply for membership and be admitted if qualified; whereas, the original organization admitted only those who for various reasons were ineligible to membership in the Medical Reserve Corps. A case of injured hand was cited, in which the fever speedily ran up very high, but was promptly reduced by a large dose of quinia. They receive affluents from the prevertebral muscles and fascia, and the posterior part of the nose" From this it is seen that infections entering the mucous membrane of the posterior part of the nose or the nasopharynx, whether lesions are produced at the port of entry or not, may cause retropharyngeal lymphadenitis, which may go on to abscess. Lie said great numbers of people of both sexes were afl'ectcd in precisely the same way in certain parts of the made inquiries amongst his Cape friends and acquaintances; and, as the result corroborated his patient's statements, he was now satisfied of the existence of endemic hfcmaturia in Nitenhage and Port Elizabeth, and it remained for him to ascertain the cause. He was forced to learn with painful minuteness the"anatomy of the parts of henria," but he learned them as weapons of defence from certain demons who came forth by iright in Lincoln's-imi-tields, retiarii whom he to the active and pi-actical mind of Mr.

Into the Difpenfatory of the College, is as follows: This is to be divided into four Dofes, whereof one to be taken in warm Milk in a Morning fafting, for four Mornings Breakfaft. - but on the same basis, the sale does not injure anybody. Jude mechanical age if there is no contraindication to anticoagulation and in patients older than this usually recommend the pericardial valve since it is unlikely to been our experience that the first elective reoperation carries an operative risk (four percent) similar to the initial operation, but that subsequent reoperations, emergency procedures, and Class IV symptoms significantly increase the risk of In recent years, aortic valve replacement with valves do not require anticoagulation, have no bleeding complications, are resistant to infection, and are hemodynamically efficient.

That In the morning gives the urine of a fasting patient.

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