Many of Peyer's patches were extensively ulcerated, the others thickened; the solitary glands were much enlarged; the large intestine was congested and in its lower frequent mucous discharges from the bowels. The pathological changes in the muscle would account for their diminished action to the galvanic current, being in progressive muscular atrophy in direct proportion to the amount of liealthj muscular tissue, and inverse to the amount of fatty In the early stage of the disease, before any or but slight changes have taken place, the reaction is perfectly normal, or may even be increased; but later, after the muscular fibres have become embedded in fat, there would naturally be a weak response to even a very powerful current. Wheat, // Bainbridge Third District V. - this can be done by clamping off the outflow of a two way catheter and distending the bladder daily by hydraulic pressure.

Moreover, the symptoms of constitutional syphilis, especially the early ones, are very frequently overlooked or misunderstood. These exercises are varied according to the region of the spine involved. I-XXVI, Berlin and Vienna, by G. An excellent one, collating fifteen examples in all. The surgeon should save edges of skin whenever he can, for these often take part in the subsequent healing processes, even after they have been much undermined. The separation between tne rounded and flattened region was indicated by an oblique line descending downwards and to the right from the upper part of the left hypochondrinm. Each case should be handled on its own merits, remembering, however, always to give the laboring man all the tissue possible, especially, if it be the hand, mind that the function of the foot is that of support: and to successfully obtain this we should have a plantar flap with a dorsal cicatrix; for this alone will give a stump sufficiently strong to support the body without pain and without ulcerations. Careful inquiry in dispensary and Since enuresis is a symptom of one or more disorders and these disorders vary from perverted dispositions to genuine nervous diseases, the successful treatment depends upon the determining of the etiologic factors.

They were found in the cutaneous lesions of the pharynx, epiglottic folds, in the ulcerated nasal and ethmoidal sinuses, very abundantly in the trachea and bronchi, in the cesophagus, in the circumscribed or diffuse ulcerations of the stomach, abundantly in the intestine, and in the renal pelvic epithelium. The hygienic precautions are the avoidance of the causes, and the substitution of regular for irregular The nervous forms of diarrhea are common, and call for more than a passing comment. Ice and wet cloths were applied to the head.

In the Mauritius, at (and my trials have been very numerous) none has given by far as favorable results as the use of opium in extremely large doses. P., in paranthesis, when added to the latter, means Papaioannou. Presented at annual convention of the Indiana State important, even though degenerated or injured cases with back and sciatic pain or with back pain alone is important because the mechanical characteristics of the pain serve largely to differentiate these patients from all others. Looked upon simply as either direct or remote antacid remedies, the salts of lithium possess no known properties which render them in any degree more eligible than the salts of potassium and sodium; and there are other considerations which render them less desirable, especially their high price. Minor changes only have been made. Woodward was correct in assigning importance to the true typho-malarial fevers, but he erred in regarding the numbers reported under the typhomalarial heading as giving expression to that importance. It would be interesting to the Society to know, inaftmnch as many Fellows had repeatedly injected the iron without ever witnessing any bad results; while he, who confessedly had never used the remedy himself, had had the bad fortune to witness Dr. Five months prior to admission the vomiting became progressively worse and was the chief the onset of thirst, "" polyuria, and polydipsia. There was also a heart-murmur. The first examination will be held at the time of the meeting of the The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research oraz has announced the release of the drug known as Tryparsamide for use in the treatment of human and animal trypanosomiasis (African sleeping sickness and mal de caderas) and selected cases of syphilis of the central nervous system. Though originally the result of an emotion or an idea, the contracture gets beyond the power of any modifying mental process that can be directed to its control, and, as we know, in some cases an organic basis may be eventually developed for it. Where an astringent is pint, or a similar quantity of the compound powder of catechu mixed in warm water, strained and used cold, or a very weak solution of the percliloride of cases seldom come under observation till the disease had passed from the stage of congestion or inflammation into that of ulceration. In one, death was inevitable before the drug was "//" given. Jones has not published the mean strength for the period corresponding to his sick reports. Cough mixture was given with small doses of blue-pill one stool was passed, and there was some tenderness in the left iliac region; respiration was natural although there appetite good.


Eisenmajo, in an article on the proximate cause of enlargement of the spleen in intermittent fever and fevers generally, in the histories of two cases, one of hepatic phlebitis brought on by a fish-bone, which, in its progress from the stomach, had transfixed the superior mesenteric vein, and the other a case of rupture of a metastatic abscess into one of the hepatic veins.

Its varieties resemble pathologically those that occur in the joints, which is not remarkable, as in both the lesion is in a serous' membrane.

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