A large aperture in the vesico-vaginal septum enabled me, by the aid of a reflected sunlight, to see nearly the whole interior of the bladder spongy and pultaceous round its uneven and jagged borders, and of a dark red color, which generally faded into liglit cherry red, toward the center. The ankles become slightly oedematous. Small people bear a valvular lesion better than tall and bulky persons, and women better than men. Our very conception of the material altogether forbids it.

The limbs, particularly the lower, are frequently flail-like, and there is always impairment of active movement. The time is not far distant when the duties of the coroner's inquisition must be revised; but whether this reform shall include a Court of Review for checking erroneous verdicts, as Dr. His hands are covered with syphilitic eruptions. SYPHILIS IN ADULTS AND CHILDREN Syphilis is an infectious disease, the rnicrorirganism of which is as yet unknown. The small intestines, owing to their extent and to their central, superficial position, are peculiarly exposed to wounds. This method apparently avails itself of the most powerful thickened blood; aiid the inhalation required must be one which And speaking generally of cholera treatment: until we can recognise infection long before the present state of recognition, it is as hopeless to try and cure a patient with cholera as one with a bull'.'t through his heart. They should be repeated with care, bearing in mind the fact that death has ensued from this method of using the drug. In severe acute bronchitis they have Wen found in large numlwrs. It may be, also, that clots are formed in situ in Alterations in the quality of the blood next came under notice.

It is not necessary to talk about care being exercised in the matter of filling orders without the bearer of the order being identified. That way is seen to be a very simple one when once discovered and set forth; but with this highest importance, it does not follow that because it appears simple when discovered and explained, it was obvious before, or did not require invention, or is not of great merit, or the proper subject of a patent.

Of course much of the beneficial results following the continual licking of wounds by animals is due to the resulting cleanliness; yet, beyond the mere matter of cleanliness, there is an undoubted curative property in their saliva. At one extremity only could any natural cortical or tubular structure cookies be found. In the goat and the sheep, it attacks the kidneys still more severely, giving rise to albuminuria and uraemic intoxication; it also determines acute specific degeneration of the hepatic cells, thus favoring the occurrence of mixed infections. MANIFESTATIONS OF RHEUMATISM IN CHILDREN may have simply the mild grotnmj pains, or there may l)e no joint pain. Next day some fine distant crepitation was made out in the same region. Stomach irritable and disposed to reject its contents. If this period of instinctive development issuppressed or allowed to pass by it will never thereafter be developed.

The operation I performed is very similar to one introduced nearly twenty years ago by Stellwag von Carion, which has, however, scarcely been adopted in this country. The druggist has had to content himself in expending his energies against the cut-rate business, which, with one exception, has been nearly annihilated in this city. Hygienic management and rest of the voice, iiihltration may be excised or curetted and acid solution applied by means of a cotton carrier. The otiier short paper is by Montuoro of Palermo, wliu during an abdominal section discovered tubeicular peritonitis, retroflexion of the uterus, and appendiculo-annexial adhesions. It is evident that, at these critical periods of infancy, some notable change is taking place in the entire system; a leap, so to speak, is being made in physiological development; and the nervous system, for the time being, is supersensitive, resenting slight injuries, and causing sources of irritation which generally would produce little disturbance, to give rise to grave maladies.

Digitalis in moderate doses in mitral stenosis is good, but you must use it very carefully. The solution is to be tested as follows. The United States Pharmacopoeia has announced certain welldefined limits by which these products must be judged, and the pharmacist who allows any deviation from these standards allows a suspicion to attach to all the medicinal agents which he handles.

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