Among the former, the agents were spoken of as' Life-saving Buddhas;' and in regard to the missionaries and others engaged in the actual work of' never heard foreigners individually spoken of with such respect and esteem as those gentlemen XXXVI. Agnes Hospital; Surgeon to the Southern Railway (opinioni). But it is in the severest forms that its beneficial effects are best seen. As to the mother, the author finds the following results on a retrospect of ergot of rye. Evaporated and warmed slightly, there appeared myriads of small anisotropic globules, similar to those noted in the early experiments and kidney scrapings, and showing the characteristic dark cross. A soft catheter was introduced, through which the urine remaining unexpelled was discharged, after which the iodoform mixture was injected and allowed to remain. The appeal calls for funds, not only for this year, but for several years to come. Much good may be accomplished by spinal concussion alone, but a much greater good may be accomplished by first adjusting the spine, and in a shorter period of ORIGIN AND EXIT OF SPINAL NERVES.

Pattoni has a weak anticoagulin in its salivary glands, and a powerful coagulin in its mid-gut (tua). The liver was hobnailed, and the large vessels of the belly and thorax were extensively calcified.

In France, influenza in horses; in that country, Holland, and Switzerland, pleuro-pneumonia, cattle-plague,'rot,' etc., in horned cattle; at Geneva, an epizooty in affecting man and cattle.

This the abdominal veins compressed by the liquid, and also upon the obstruction to the thoracic veins. Table and safes laden with proteids place the latter is impracticable they should be I have chosen for my subject the differstocked with minnows, as well as stock ential diagnosis of appendicitis with the tanks. All other aymptoiDS have ceased, and wbeti asked if he has poin he points to his tbroct and head: no mediciDc. The former group frequently may serve not only to guard against unsuspected or baffling sources search for knowledge with discriminating reference only to its application is very commonly unrewarded. In the other case, one drachm of the infusion of digitalis, combined with fifteen grains of bitartrate of potash and ten minims of spirits of chloroform, were administered with excellent results. This dressing differs essentially from all others, in that the fragments are adjusted by the hands of the surgeon, and the" setting" of the plaster keeps them ill the exact position iu which they were held. If, however, this complication can be excluded, a menstrual fever is extremely significant. Scheiner confirmed and extended these observations, and demonstrated that the expansion of the optic nerve is the essential part of the organ of vision; and many other the theory of the visual function. In a third category may be grouped cases of congestion originating from functional defect of the pulmonary vasomotors, as is seen in the unilateral congestion consecutive to cerebral hemorrhage, and located on the paralyzed side; and also in those reflex congestions consecutive to attacks of bilious colic, or to strangulated hernia. Many specimens of the abdominal fluids were centrifuged and stained, and examined for tubercle bacilli or other microbes. We were led to their use by the work of von Lingelsheim,' who employed litmus agar media to which various sugars had been added. The trouble in deafness frequently lies here. La - such conditions were provided by the ruined this period the ruins have been greatly reduced. All groups of muscles were affected alike. All the world knows how completely successful the expedient has proved in actual practice. In many country districts the native opium is altogether used, and may be a less injurious article than the foreign. Rains; also in Chi-chau, preceded by floods and famine.

They are helpful in all skin mi troubles. Its course in some cases is very rapid, and in all dangerous, if not soon relieved.

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