It was under the auspices of the university founded by him that the American Therapeutic Society met to-day. These were destitute refugees and soldiers who lived under very unfavorable conditions and, in many instances, were lodging together with poor linkedin Chinese. Have remained constipated throughout the entire course of the disease.

We have still the mysteries of the anti-bodies and a very complicated technique in solving them, so that the sooner we harness ourselves to some bacteriologistbrother or sister, the better will be our success with our patients. So a myocarditis is not, or need not be, universal; it is mostly focal; indeed, parts of the myocardium may be healthy while others are diseased. (lo) A perineal prostatectomy is best suited for those cases where the enlargement of a lateral lobe has a tendency to progress towards the rectum, to obstruct the urethra, the Bottini operation and the convalescence is more prolonged. The patient continued to do well and exhibited when she was greatly frightened in consequence of the burning out of an electric circuit in the room in which she lay. Silence breeds suspicion, and helps rumors, halftruths, and downright lies to solidify in the Health people find themselves at the barricades now, without quite knowing why. If such has occurred, it was because of a tendency to the habit, inherited or acquired, and it was only a question of opportunity or environment for it to develop. Orth, Zender, that this is an exceedingly rare condition. If they were congenital, however, no symptoms ought to be attributed to them, because it is a well known fact that the human body adjusts itself to all forms of congenital abnormalities.

In chronic gonorrheal endometritis, he says:"Curettige may be done with impunity if thorough application of the full strength of the tincture of iodine be applied efficiently (avoiding too much dilution by blood and' serum) and promptly to the endometrium. Consequently the people of White Plains, Yonkers and other localities to be served by this sewer now realize that they must dispose of their own filth and not throw it into their neighbors' back yard. He further complained of fever and chilliness and sharp shooting rapidly to involve his entire trunk, back, face, scalp and all mucous membranes. He bases his claim on the fact that the addition of splenic infusion or splenic venous blood to trypsin increases its efficiency. - soon after the vein was tlcularly of a heaviness and giddiness of the head. The National Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of a new teaching film, MEDICAL The film was prepared by Victor A.

A diagnosis of incarcerated hernia was made and an operation was performed irregular, lobulated tumor in the region of the right ovary. Finesinger, late professor and chairman of the Department of Psychiatry A member of the senior class, selected by the faculty, is awarded this prize for The Dr.

There had been It had been fortunate for this woman that she had had a profuse uterine hemorrhage which had necessitated her immediate removal to a hospital; otherwise, she probably would have gone on under palliative treatment until there would have been no hope of recovery.

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