Ontario Provincial Board of Health; Consulting Professor of Clinical Medicine, University of Senior Surgical Assistant, Toronto General Consulting Surgeon, Toronto General Hospital, Toronto University; Secretary Medical Faculty, Toronto University; Surgeon Toronto General to the Toronto Orthopedic Hospital; ex-President of the American Orthopedic Association; Member of the American Onhopedic Association. For more than two years he had suffered from a constantly increasing growth in the right nasal passage, with the loss of both taste and smell. Old and rare or otherwise historically interesting books are exhibited and the history of medical doctrines, of epochs in medicine and of the lives and contributions to knowledge of eminent men, and other themes pertaining to the history of medicine are considered. The book is well written, and the reader is in general left to make up his own mind on any p.-)iut after the evidence has been put before him. They are unnecessary, and might, with as much propriety, be applied to the simple, as to the pernicious intermittent. Examples of such fractures are those due to missiles and those caused by avis run-over accidents. In spite of all our care some of these cases simply go from bad to worse; some do well with tuberculin, but we do not yet know which are going to be those which it will that the steaming of glasses could be entirely prevented by rubbing the spectacles or goggles with dry soap, then wiping it off and polishing the glasses. The work on Hare Lip and Cleft Palate still needs some amendment. In doubtful cases, too, it may be well to examine the eye by means of artificial light. I he complete vehicles, too, are pat on at low prices, particularly when one examines the details of the Jike the VVolseley, it is an expensive design. In Germany, conceived the brilliant idea of combating cavities in the interior of the lungs by surgical means. Dean Clarke Complains of the Teachinj: and Organization in Some Departments of the Faculty of Medicine of the An extract from the Report of Dean Clarke, which appears contains an attack on the organization of some of the departments of the Faculty of Medicine; a disapproval of methods of teaching followed in some departments; an approval of a higher matriculation standard, and a suggestion that the older members of the Faculty should take a friendly interest in the social welfare of medical students, so as to assist in preventing them from Defects in organization are ascribed to a plethora of professors, due to the effort of the University of Toronto to find places in its new Faculty of Medicine for the professors of Trinity Medical College, who had agreed to sink their individuality as an independent Faculty and work with their former rivals under a common flag. One was an energetic chief with a power of organisation.

Ifrica were" take care of my cat." A curious coincidence that these suffer more physically when attenoed by man than when auenuea under the same roof with Dr. Moreover, oral lu'giene is at least as important when there is hypoplasia of the enamel as when there is not: promo. The Boers were strongly entrenched amongst the steep kopjes around Colenso, the centre of the position being Fort Wylie, which stands just behind the village of Colenso.

Especial attention is directed to the methods of investigation and protocol writing in such cases, and to the technical means by which suspected marks, stains and traces of all sorts may be recognized. Now, what is there in this"new thought" method that is attractive and that cures? Nothing more than what every practician himself has been using consciously or unconsciously ever since he In all of these instances it is suggestion; the individual is made to believe that certain effects can be brought about.

WHEN WRITING TO.ADVERTISERS PLEASE MENTION THIS JOURNAL. Looking at my returns one would be justified due to the preventable disease ophthalmia neonatorum, blindness is due to venereal disease; yet I have seen this statement in print, based on an incorrect quotation of my blindness we shall see that there are certain causes over which wc can have little influence, and others which are well within our power of prevention, possibly of primary causes ot sporadic cases to permit ol useful suggestion. Observe how elegantly the dissociation between the atria and the ventricles is shown here, even better than by the phlebogram, as compared with an arteriogram, our only method hitherto for making satisfactory diagnoses in such cases.

THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE Irrcgulnribes of the menAnial flow are.

In the time at luy disposal, however, I must content myself with enumerating conditions whicli experience leads me to believe constitute code the chief difficulties in differential diagnosis. The lesion of sensation was always partial; sometimes being confined to certain parts of the abdomen, chest or neck, and sometimes to the limbs; and it shifted its seat or varied in extent. RoBKBTS Thomson, President of the Council, in the Chair, Mr, James Cantlie, London (Hong don (Adelaide and South Australia The minutes of the last meeting having been printed and circulated, and no objection received, were taken as read and Read letters of apology for non-attendance from: Council on the death of the late Mr.

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