The denser portions consisted mainly of fibrous fascicles.

E., Avhich subcutaneously cause results could not be obtained by the subcutaneous method. If they are kept in moist earth, turf, or clay, this should be examined from time to time and dead animals removed. Dyson and Houck, were present as much as their other duties would permit. It is, however, very efficient, although if thoroughly applied after the skin is softened by a prolonged warm bath, it is apt to produce eruptions of eczema, which require time and treatment for their cure. The relation existing between the various types of the tubercle hacillas found in man and in the lower animals has been the subject of much discussion for several years past, and studies of the morphology, biology, and virulence have been undertaken with the object of determining whether or not constant differences could be detected in the organism from these two sources sufficient to justify their classification as distinct species. Isarabert that the usefulness of the chlorate of potash in mild cases appears to have been demonstrated not only by a real and definitive success, but even by an entirely peculiar, and in some sort elective action upon the pharyngeal mucous membrane, analogous to that which is observed in membranous stomatitis, we deny its efficacy in the more severe cases.

It is also of use in relieving engorgement of the mammse at the commencement of lactation, and perhaps of preventing the formation of abscess It appears to lessen the secretion of milk. The fifty-fiftli session of the School of Medicine in the In their Annual Circular, the Faculty desire to submit to their professional brethren, and to the public generally, as they have done on former occasions, a brief exposition of their views, wishes and expectations, in the conduct of the Institution committed to their charge. The Division of Mental Retardation, the Delaware Association for Retarded Citizens, and the Department of Public Instruction on individualizing supports for people with The Council continued to provide speakers on community resources in Delaware to the Pediatric rounds at the Medical Your decision in choosing your medical equipment supplier depends on priorities. Indications: Yocon s is indicated as a sympathicolytic and mydriatric.

Antigenic drift or variation appears to be a common occurrence in both influenza A and B viruses whereas antigenic shift occurs primarily with influenza A viruses.

Most common in Java and Cochin China, the disease constitutes some of the chronic diarrheas of the West Indies, Africa, India, Ceylon, the Philippines, and tropical America. The crude paraffin which settles in the storage-tanks of coal oil is first deprived of the lighter hydrocarbons by distillation, and is afterward filtered as above.

Often a differential diagnosis is utterly impossible.

The patient should wear woollen night-robes and in cool weather sleep between blankets, but should carefully avoid too much covering, especially over the feet.

The lungs themselves are entirely passive in respiration.

The mucosa is reddened and swollen and may show a "" network of injected blood-vessels.

Water, or normal salt solution. At length the Faculty, after an ineffectual appeal to the Legislature, and after there had been made by the Board an appointment against which the places which had been conferred by the Trustees. Dental caries is frequent and of great importance on account of imperfect mastication, and of infection with tubercle bacilli or secondary organisms.

I his early investigation he had the help of Messrs.

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