In the remarks then made I gave a typical series of cases (fractures, ear disease, compression, epilepsy, tumours, haemorrhages), which are fully reported in the before the members, I think I will, with most advantage, mainly occupy the time at my disposal this evening by describing a simple means of localizing the different portions of the brain. When rain-water fails, the inhabitants have to obtain water for drinking from the surrounding ditches. Extremities, particularly the lower, is generally beneficial; and ought not to be omitted in the paroxysm, whether we adopt the opinion as to the gouty origin of the disease or not. The thoracic duct, which collects the lymph from the lower limbs and the thoracic and abdominal viscera, extends from the receptaculum chyli to the left subclavian vein. These ends can be attained only by exhibiting, in frequent doses, the various tonics and stimuli; particularly those which tend to arrest or to counteract the morbid changes going on in the frame, and to rally the powers of life. If this view be correct, the former, or organized part, may he considered as chiefly resulting from an altered state of nutrition in the seat of disease; whilst the latter, or inorganized portion, maybe viewed as proceeding from a morbid secretion, of a disordered state of both the nutritive and secreting functions, most probably in consequence of alteration of the vital influence exerted by the ganglial nerves on the capillaries of very considerably in different scirrhous masses. What was the nature of this strange pleurisy? Was it aseptic, or was it virulent? Did it contain microbes, and if so, which were they? These points now demand our attention. Another use to which it is too rarely pat is for the production of counter-irritation varying from slight reddening to actual blistering of the skin. If, as he has apparently proved, we possess in Taka-Diastase a siarch-digestant equal to or exceeding in power pepsin or pancreatin forproteids, we have made an extraordinary gain in therapeutics, for we are now able to relieve a large number of persons suffering from faulty digestion of starch, and can aid our patients during convalescence, so that they speedily regain their weight and strength by the ingestion of large quantities of the heretofore indigestible, but nevertheless very necessary, starchy foods.

The symptomatic spasm in the adult presents some differences. There are many things which the medical profession can do very effectively in cultivating a more wholesome relationship between the medical professions and peoples On another page of this issue of the Journal will be found a statement from Herbert Wilson, Jr., lieutenant, Medical White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. The principal distress was referred, vaguely, to tbe (with a finger in the rectum) discovered an was followed by the passage of a little flatus and soon afterwards by a liquid stool.

Eadioscopic examination and radiographs, taken on several occasions, had given only negative results. Bleeding from the feet, they being plunged in warm water, has been very generally prescribed by Continental physicians; and, in those cases which have occurred after the disappearance or retention of haemorrhages and periodical discharges, or from metastasis, the the former being much quicker and more decided Morgagni advised cupping to be performed on the occiput: and I unequivocally agree in the practice. The interior of this deposit proved to be caseous; its peripheral layer was somewhat sharply marked off from the free surface of the vein, and was rich in round cells and bloodvessels, in the midst of which tissue Uy epithehalUke cells and gLant-cells, partly scattered, and partly in well-defined nodular clusters. Right of the epididymis effected a cure of all his symptoms:

Emmert considered that it was owing to a substance analogous to buff. They chiefly affect the great pleural cavity, unlike foetid pleurisy, which is usually encysted. Four large haemoptyses were recorded. Chemical examination has shown that the best flour contains an abnormal amount of iron, although this is not separable by the magnet: Of"The International Scientific Series," but the work as he has given it to us is so excellent that we begrudge the portions that he has omitted. From our viewpoint the educational and hygienic training of the epileptic child receives a new impetus and meaning. To trace the actual contributions of Ve.salius to anatomy would be a rewarding thing, for thus far these contributions had been treated in a rather summary way. Provisions of this varietv of legislation. There is headache, mental confusion, a sense of great heat in the head frequently prompting the patient to immerse the head in cold water there is deficient development of the sexual organs, of sexual desire, and of the hair, with a tendency to either adiposity or gigantic height; there is however, no absence of the testicles. In SeeligmuUer's case of a woman who had had right ephidrosis during the whole of life, and in whom all the symptoms of paralysis of the right cervical sympathetic were manifested, there was found, after death, sclerosis and fatty degeneration of the right cervical sympathetic. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions duly signed be forwarded to every such company. Italians, being from similar latitudes, had only a slightly higher rate than the average, in spite of their well known poverty and unhygienic and unsanitary habits.

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