It is a feature of all the senses that when they are excited by a series of impressions, in which one follows the other very quickly, they are unable to distinguish the different impressions. Shaw, All these institutions have been started by pediatrists, in part carried on by them, and sustained by their voluntary and gratuitous assistance. Fevers, he insists, come in cycles, and one fever, as it were, drives out another; though he is careful to point out that the cycle cannot be predicted, and it would not have surprised him could he have learned that in two hundred years after his time smallpox, then universal, would have practically disappeared, and that plague would never again visit England in a serious It may be observed that at the present day we are so much occupied with the proximate causes of disease give attention to the ultimate or essential causes which causes, however (occulta aeris influentia), chiefly attracted Sydenham's attention, and in this respect he may be regarded as the founder of the modern science of Epidemiology. These instructions were not carried out when the difficulty recurred, and code the child died. This is accomplished mainly by phagocytosis, probably to some extent also by extracellular processes. The endocrine organs, act as a system.

He reported three instructive cases of cyst of the pancreas, and then gave an outline of inflammatory troubles, with special reference to the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic pancreatitis. Have any of the readers of the Review noticed any ill effects from the use of malva, and can any one explain the nature of the disease? Respectfully yours, IN RECOGNITION OF THE DISCOVERER OF THE SCHMIDT TREATMENT. Had not laid by on account of the injury.

Localized tuberculosis of a mesenteric gland is regarded as rendering the carcass unfit for human consumption by the literary reformer, while the highest authorities of the world believe it perfectly proper to pass such meat for human alimentation. It was declared that the moral character of children became perverted, that they exhibited the effects of a"bestial humour," that as vaccination was carried on the human race would degenerate, that innumerable evils would arise, that innumerable new and unheardof diseases would appear, that brutal tendencies would appear in vaccinated children, and that even brutal features would show themselves, in the appearance of horns, hair, perhaps tails, in the expression of the voice, which would become bellowing, in the character, which would become bullying. Under this treatment there was, at the end of one month, a decided improvement in all the symptoms, and the amount of albumin was decidedly lessened.

The fever causes a in the early stage, but in the later stages they form a very prominent and exhausting feature of the disease. In the chronic inflammatory cases in which a portion of the leucorrhea comes from a metritis or edometritis, the cervical treatments should cease when the cervix haa a normal appearance and the cautery failed to empty more retention glands, although there would still persist some leucorrhea from within the uteius. In very clear urines it is not necessary, with Fleischl's instrument, to decolorize discount with acetate of lead solutions, but where they are not almost colorless it is necessary to treat with basic acetate of lead in the proportion In opening the discussion, Dr. Removed the oakum, and substituted a piece of old muslin saturated in warm water. This raw flap adherent to the gvit is now turned in on itself in such a manner that the bleeding is checked and a smooth surface left.

It usually disappears after a few weeks. For heart disease is a phrase of terror to many, and the knowledge that they were, in even the smallest sense, subjects of it would seriously affect their lives, while they might live long and useful lives in blissful ignorance, and die, perhaps, of some disease entirely review unconnected with disorder of the heart. As the inflammation continues, besides serum, other parts of the the air from the affected portion of the lung, which thus becomes heavy and solid, and, being capable of clotting, the material forms a gelatinous mass in the air-cells. The question as to whether they are infectious or contagious is as yet a purely speculative one. Inflammatory Affections of the SItin: Boil (Furunculus) and Carbuncle (Anthrax); Cancer and Epithelioma.

The men say they should be paid, as civilians are, during illness, and the Insurance Commissioners ought to refund to them the hospital deductions.

The transverse colon w'as so prolapsed that it hung down over the pelvic colon, so I manipulated with my hand in order to displace it upward.

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