The results were excellent, llie abdominal incision was a matter of choice. Pasteur believes that the earth worm plays an important part in bringing to the surface and distributing the bacilli which have lieen propagated in the buried carcass of an infected animal.

Histological examination of the tumour-like growth in the bone-marrow had already been made in a good number of myeloma cases, and since then several other cases have been examined. She thought that the mania for operating ought to be checked on the the essayist whether all backaches were attributed to tile uterus, and whether they were often accompanied by aches of the legs, to which Dh. The increase of peritoneal fluid was undoubtedly due to the inflammation attendant upon the walling off of the ulcer, which was perforated but became immediately A posterior gastro-enterostomy was performed according to the method of Moymhan. The silver and iron test may be applied first, and these should be followed by the sulphur test, as the vapor of the latter always contaminates the liquid to be tested. As viewed through nifty glasses. Two doses of this caused the death of a child aged fifteen months, with the usual symptoms of narcotic poisoning (Pharm. Other factors besides histological distinctions probably play a part, for the mucous membranes of the upper air passages are under physical conditions which are by no means similar to those of the skin. Of their medical treatment, and I would have it systematic, adapted to the case and conducted under the supervision of a physician. The microscopical examination of one of these nodules, surgically removed, showed it to be composed of fatty tissue. The path which neurology may follow has been well indicated by Dr. Under these is another set, which passes round the stomach in a circular manner; and under these are others, passing in an oblique direction between the two others.

Condition of the urine is certainly one of the best indications of how thoroughly nitrogenous metabolism is being carried outj but there is some uncertainty among practitioners as to what sort of an examination of the urine is demanded, and how often it should be made, that eclampsia sometimes occurs when albumin has not been foimd in the urine; and also that albumin is present in many cases which never men; and it ia certain that the mere presence of albumin, especially in small amoimt, is not an indication that eclampeia is imminent. Certainly if the patient has been a hypochondriac before the symptoms of mucous colitis appeared an appendicostoiny cannot be expected to cure his hypochondria, unless the latter arose from auto-intoxication through the large intestine, with or without chronic constipation. Warren's conclusions, and it'seems to me that it is not inappropriate to reiterate his warning to the profession in regard to this subject.

The following will be found very serviceable: Shake well before using, and use one drachm of the mixture to one ounce of water, as a gargle. - ment, using general and local tonics, and by care of the eyes in the modo to be pointed out in the next article. The fit lasts on an average from five to ten minutes. The sternum is The inspiration is very noisy, beginning with a low pitch, but ending in a loud crowing sound like that of croup. His temperature rises from a troublesome cough, and herpes may occasionally appear onthe lips. The urine may be normal in appearance but less urea appears to be secreted in it.

I have known one case fatal in twenty- two hours, and out the organ has no longer the color or smell of opium.

If added to the crystals of morphia or its salts, nitric oxide is evolved; the morphia is entirely dissolved, and the solution acquires instantly the deep red color above described, becoming, however, lighter by standing. There is no indication that sex plays any part in the ajtiology, which must be looked upon as an acute poisoning. For the less severe attacks, give salines, diaphoretics, warm bath The characteristic symptom is a frequent and copious discharge of urine, several gallons being sometimes passed in a day. The amoimt of iodine is so small, and diffusion is so slow, that there is no chance for poisonous action. The auto-intoxications of pregnancy may exert an unfavorable influence on the structure of the blood vessels and thus predispose to hemorrhage. It resembles trachoma, but the granules are broader, harder, and paler, while the history is severe, it is recommended to apply a few drops of a very weak solution of acidium aceticum dilutum.

The lymphatic glands receiving direct vessels from this part of the colon include the epicolic and paracolic glands, the intermediate glands lying on the sigmoid arteries in the mesosigmoid, and the main group glands on the inferior mesenteric artery.

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