If a non fatal dose was employed, there was less pronounced albuminuria and fewer toxic symptoms if collargol was also given, particularly if administered several days in succession. Flutter's state- at all times one of these clap-dishes, and to ment. Gibney has not yet come to believe that excision should be done early, although he confesses that, as his experience increases, his convictions are growing stronger in favor of early excision. WRITE FOR LITERATURE AND SAMPLES ( There is free motion at the wrist, and the ability to grasp objects is greater than it was before the operation; although extension of the hand on the wrist is poor, absence of the radius making a very imperfect joint.

In the Amazon Valley, vivax malaria was not much of a problem. For circulars and information about the Training School, address, Miss Bertha Wilson, Superintendent of Nurses, Hospital of the University of Maryland, MATERNITY HOSPITAL OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND. Wright, Eugene Bascom Virginia Norfolk Academy Earle Holt Brannon West Virginia Romulus Lee Carlton North Carolina Ralph Erastus Dees North Carolina Rigdon Osmond Dees North Carolina Thomas Duncan, Jr North Carolina William Lee Hart South Carolina John Frederick Hawkins, Jr Maryland Robinette Burns Hayes North Carolina James Chisolm Hill South Carolina Kyle McCue Jarrell West Virginia John William Keeler, Jr New York William Wade Olive North Carolina Kivy I. In the latter the inflammation extends everywhere, between all the coils of the intestine; but in this case, although the pus reached everywhere else, the intestinal coils were not uniformly bathed with it, as they were almost all matted together and formed the posterior boundary of the abscess. I thought the cheesy material was the result of the bacilli. And now, this magnificent Medical Center with its "" outstanding people will be gone. " We have, then, in excess, defect, and alteration." In speaking of the alterations in the colour, shape and size of the red corpuscles in connection with the medium, Dr. While a handsome person and excellent acquirements are always desirable on the part of any individual who pays his addresses to a young maiden, yet there are other and more important considerations which ought to overshadow mere physi cal beauty or mental attainments; and these are a high sense of honor, and a thorough and practical conception of the duty we owe to God and man. Louis University, during the past session. He roofed the church with shingles and built a house for himself facing the plaza. The more the following conditions occording to Ball severe the nephritis in pregnancy, the more of St.

Hoffa lays great stress on making the edge of the new acetabulum sharp and deep; otherwise tlie bone will not remain in place.

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