That this sphincter becomes incompetent suggests to these observers a large degree of participation in the regulation of the Those observers who consider that the bile flow regulation is largely influenced by the sphincter of Oddi, maintain that between digestive periods this sphincter mechanically determines the passage into the gall bladder for concentration of all the bile formed. He was a member of the American Medican Association and of the American Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, of which he was Dr. The right abdominal wall was rigid and the thigh flexed at right angles to the body. Their drinking water they escaped the disease in a large proportion of These conclusions are especially instructive, as they illustrate some of the sources of error in epidemiological studies. She was thirty-eight years of age and unmarried, and the importance of the case was increased by the fact that she was a relative of her medical attendant.

The following directions support this claim: Turn your left side to the desk, press the left arm close to the side, place your left hand on the copy book, press your right elbow to your side, point your pen towards your right ear, grasp the pen tirmly and write. The bowels become deranged, and obstinate constipation is a source of much trouble and discomfort. Any steps that tend to the welfare of the people at large are of the greatest benefit to the nation. Such a condition is deplorable and indicates a lack of educational efforts or a very decided inherent procrastination on the part of the public. The hair, which is very short, has not grown to any extent during the last four months, it has also changed in colour. This mark of esteem and confidence, while feebly deserved, is very sincerely appreciated. When it does occur the bronchial symptoms are usually exaggerated, and pneumonia sometimes supervenes. At the beginning of the treatment days passed when the patient, even careers with the greatest effort, could not utter more than two or three words. Should, however, the stomach still continue to be irritable "" and resist all medicinal efforts to quiet it, nothing should be given by the mouth, and the rectal enemata should be continued till the gastric irritation has ceased. Hektoen offers a clear exposition of certain of the problems of immunity, and all the other lectures serve to elucidate matters still in doubt.

Chute, of Boston, said he had re eentlv had the opportunity to see city and study two cases i intestinal fistula? due to diverticulitis of the BOSTOb MEDICAL IND SURGICAL JOl Rh LI sigmoid. A piece of alum the size of a hen's egg, smoothed of "jobs" its sharp edges and thrust into the cavity of the uterus, stops haemorrhage, causes contraction of the uterus, and prevents septic absorption.

Examination page of a specimen showed the growth to be carcinoma.

Moreover, since radiation did not affect bacteria, its application in cases of concealed chronic abscesses of the tonsil would be ineffective, an unfortunate "" circumstance in view of the prevalence of this condition. Graham, who responded for the Faculty of the Toronto School of Medicine, preferred two schools in Toronto, as the number of students was so large that there was more work than one school could well attend to.

The condition of tlie blood flowing through the intestinal vessels has a most important effect on peristaltic movements.

One such we recall as having occurred not long ago at the Philadelphia Polyclinic, in the practice of that admirable clinician, Dr. Every feature of the disease as we the wizened, old look of the child ate well described, and the diagnosis was made four months before death I The and" the pylorus was invested with a hard, compact substance or acbirrosity which so completely obstructed the passage into the duodenum, as to admit with the greatest difficulty the finest Quid." If other men bad been as accurate and careful as Dr. Children are less login apt to infect each other in the class-room than in the home or on the playground. Ulcer and carcinoma were the only diseases in which they were primarily interested and he had found this true practically throughout the country. - the following day he had a slight return in the arm at about the same hour.

These are: The separation and elevation of the posterior vaginal mucous membrane from the rectal wall as far upward as the cul-desac, if necessary; the infolding of ine rectal wall and the maintenance of it in this position by bringing together above the fold the rectovaginal layer of endopelvic fascia; the formation of a new perineal body by oringing together from either side the edges ol the levator ani muscle and other structures intimately associated with it; the obliteration of all dead space; the trimming away of redundant vaginal mucous membrane. Ellwood Patrick died at West Chester, Pa., graduated from the Medical Department of the member of the local school board for many years and its president for several years.

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