The scope of the manual may be judged by the titles of the chapters, which are: I, Anatomy and Physiology; II, Methods of Examination: III, Diseases of the Auricle; IV, Diseases of the External Auditory Meatus; V, Diseasesi and Injuries of the Drumhead and Middle Ear; VI, Acute Purulent Otitis Media; VIl, Adenoid Growths, Enlarged Tonsils, Diseases of the Xasai Passages; VIII, Chronic Catarrhal Otitis Media; IX, Chronic Purulent Otitis Media: X, Granulations and Polypi, Caries and Necrosis of the Temporal Bone; XI, Diseases of the Ma.stoid Process; XII. I am varying my treatment with mucilaginous drinks. The fall of temperature begins almost immediately, and the rapidity with which it sinks varies with the individual case and probably with the stage of the attack at which it is administered. He should not allow his eyes to fix themselves upon the wife or daughter, however beautiful they may be, for that would forfeit his honor and compromise the welfare of the patient by drawing upon the household the anger of God. Tests Showing the Functional Nature of the Anesthesia: Visual HaUucina' tions. The cook in their fraternity house was ill and a substitute failed to cook the pork the three remembered any primary diarrhoea. The work of loading the wagons and ambulances went on all that night. In a fatal case of rheumatism, endocarditis and chorea a streptococcus was isolated from the blood before death.

CILLETT THOMAS,"" REPORT OF CHAIRMAN OF SECTION ON STATE MED (Read before the Medical Society of the State of North Carolina, Mr. There is congestion of both organs but it is inn voucher possible to see the vessels of the ciliary body and sometimes difficult to see those of the iris. It was noted that no prizes were awarded for the solutions of the Army and Navy organization problems.

She was kept in bed at home, fed largely on meat, fish and eggs, and was given PeptoMangan (Gude) thrice daily a tablespoonful at a time. Marcy is well known as the first American pupil of Lord Lister and the introducer of antiseptic surgery into America. Nearly all of these cases were of more than ordinary severity, and all recovered without any difficulty. Other causes to which outbreaks were attributed have been volcanic eruptions, meteors, the aurora borealis, excessive atmospheric ozone, insect scourges, severe climatic changes, vegetable germs and the isolated a filterable virus from throat washings of a patient and demonstrated "code" beyond doubt that it could give rise to the clinical syndrome in otherwise healthy adults.

The author presents the treatment is described.

From the records made at the Division Hospital we obtained the following: Never had dysentery or malarial fever previously. It must be remembered that many patients have an idiosyncrasy to the X-ray and this condition cannot be anticipated until the unfavorable result is apparent. In these cases of circumscribed abscesses the prognosis was favorable if large incisions were made, the cavity being well wushed out and free drainage secured. The only means, therefore of guarding ourselves from being misled by false theories, or by the misapplication of those that are true, is to gain a thorough acquaintance with both.

New This is a highly commendable discount contribution. That young woman was curetted by me six months ago and began to feel so hopeless about it that I thought perhaps we had better advise some sort of radical surgery.

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