Wlien seen, the four lingers in each hand were bent and ankylosed at interphalangeal joints, the last phalanges of all fingers and toes flat, broad, and rounded, the former with very broad, big nails.

Occasionally there is a connection between the slight and the severe fits.

Excision of the thrombosed vein, except at its earliest stage, is a rather troublesome and wholly unnecessary procedure. The ethmoid contains at the fifth month a center in the labyrinth, together with the OS planum, the spongy bones and the cribriform plate; then in the first year there is a center in the perpendicular plate and the crista galli. Doctor Leveille attributes this brilliancy to the cornea's strongly reflecting, instead of transmitting, the rays of light; by which he supposes, that the pupil becoming contracted, in a strong light, thereby produces an imperfect and confused sight: but this explanation of the cause of the patient's imperfect vision, it will, however, be hereafter shown is erroneous.

It is all important to establish the diagnosis as soon as possible, and thus prevent the extension of the disease by the dissemination of its germs. These little beds are ten review or eleven feet wide, and from ten to eighteen inches high. Second and enlarged Edition, and Hygiene for India. It appears, then, that cretinism bears a close relation to the abolition of function of connection.

It may be accompanied with some elevation of temperature, however, and as this may be the first indication of an imminent hepatitis, we should use one granule of aconitine every hour or half-hour until the temperature has declined to the normal again. A calomel purge was given, followed by a saline draught, and turpentine stupes were applied over the liver and stomach. A vote of thanks to the Chairman terminated the proceedings.


Pomeroy will deliver the opening address of Clinical Review, a defunct Homeopathic medical journal published for a short time in this city. The irritant may be mechanical, electrical, thermal, chemical, or somatic, the last in connection with inflammatory processes, nutritive disorders, etc.

The calibre of the canal should be maintained, after this procedure, by the patient herself introducing, daily, a closed urethrometer into her bladder, expanding it to the believes that stricture of the female urethra is of more common occurrence than is supposed. But as a rule it may be done in the beginning of the disease, and the iris should be excised quite freely.

In the attempt to make movements of the same extent, the movement executed will be the smaller the more the muscles are already contracted. The cultures recently turn) found in the lymphatics of that portion of the skin which has been invaded by erysipelas, and the reproduction of the disease with all its characteristics in a woman by inoculation with these culture fluids, have dissipated the last doubts of the few remaining partisans of the humoral and inflammatory doctrine.

Among lower animals the medusee also exhibit alternation of generation: among insects gall-gnats (cecidomyia, with endogenovis larval multiplication) and plant-lice. I always give, at first, for two or three mornings, a wafer, which contains five centigrammes of ipecac.

Three days afterwards I anaesthetised the larynx, and succeeded in getting a clear view of its interior. The lungs appeared normal beyond a few mucous nlles over right base.

This went on for two or three months, and in the interval between the attacks, his general health was not in the least disturbed. Ten months previously she had, noticed a hard swelling below the right clavicle; the pain increased and became shooting in character, extending down to the finger and keeping her awake at night. - from the result of the foregoing and of many other cases, I am induced to conclude, that the operation which has been described, may be frequently employed with great advantage to the patient.

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