In the case of scurvy to wliicli we have just referred, convulsions surldenly occurred, followed by loss of consciousness, and hemiplegia of the (left) side of the face and body. Although walking caused him much suffering, he continued to work for five days, before he sought medical advice.

Then the heart stops beating and the next thing is the coroner and jury to say where and when and how they died.

Trovv's Printing and Bookbinding Company, BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF THE AUTHORS. Seymour Haden has shown, wood of any kind is unsuitable for coffins. It seems but yesterday since we heard him returning his grateful thanks for a splendid punchbowl the Club gave him to show their deep appreciation of his We shall hear his cheerful laugh no more, but the memory of his geniality and affectionate solicitude for the comfort of the youngest and most shy new member will not be soon forgotten (go). Another advocate of gelatine may be also make a special display of granular effervescent l)y admixture with compound tincture of eucalyptus; Outside of the domain of general chemical or pharmaceutical manufactures, may be mentioned several interesting allied products of general interest to the medical man.

The sponsor of the educational activity and the resources have been appropriately used. The case was one of great interest, as showing one of the results of the antero-posterior grip of the head by the forceps during delivery in a flat pelvis ( There are now five nui-se-training schools in this cimntry, all in active operation and with every promise of future usefulness. Does this mean that the accessory olives are part of the lower olive? He follows the views of many when he says that the dorsal nucleus of the tenth nerve is sensory.

In the literature of the subject we have found a single instance communicated by Barbet,' in which a man committed suicide by taking javelle water (sodic hypochlorite).' Injudicious disinfection of sick-rooms by chlorinated lime may under some circumstances also cause poisoning. At ounces; but, as a rule, was small. Who was brought to the Royal Infirmary a "to" fortnight ago, suffering from facial paralysis. Bartholomew's Hospital it caused thirty-nine i)er cent, of the deaths following amputations for disease.

Nichols' paper was the proposition to erect structures half a mile from the main building.

The Scotch are fed on oat meal. Of eight very grave cases, six recovered; three of tliese cases being already far advanced before the ergot treatment was begun. ; while the absorption of the effusion may be promoted by moist warmth, or by alcoholized watery solutions of iodide of potassium. Then the time comes that the blood has too much of this sticky compound in it and there is no method of getting rid of it, then the body becomes tilled to such an extent that we have what is known as an excess The doctors do not explain to us this condition, because if they did, we should find out at once what to do without their aid and counsel, which would be a very unpardonable offense and we might prevent some of their fat fees and some of their emoluments.

In progressive cardiac failure brandy in from six to twelve ounces every twenty-four hours is indicated. When I described my first case of dilatation of the oesophagus and mentioned the coffee experiment I did not know of Mermod's case, and thus the credit for this diagnostic means During the last ten years a great number of well-observed cases of written extensive papers on this subject. Those parts of the left occipital lobe that remained were carefully studied with reference to the question, whether they were still in connection with the lower parts of the brain.

The laser is excellent at cauterizing small blood vessels so that a dry operative field and reduced postoperative edema are obtained.

Give injections and put the pack around the bowels, wash the bowels with cold water and up and down the spine with the hands on each side. There is no doubt that medicine is not as perfect as its detractors, but it has never Would You Choose Another Decade? Students applying to medical school are a good group to learn from; they tell us what the educated public is thinking about medicine. Half a tea I spoonful of bicarbonate of soda was given thrice daily, aad in three days his urine had increased veiy greatly in quantity, was alkaline and free of albumen, while the irdenni had greatly diminished.

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