Seven buildings are ready for occupancy and three more are about ready for acceptance by the State. The societies are primarily for the purpose of holding meetings once a week or alternate weeks, for the discussion of scientific topics, and exhibition of objects of interest; and in connection with some of them are a reading-room, library, microscopes, osteological and other preparations. The contractions may be unilateral or bilateral and may involve chiefly the recti case has been recorded in which they only yielded throughout the respiratory phase, or relax between experimental investigation, that abdominal rigidity is a reflex arising through the intercostal and lumbar nerves, and can arise from irritation at any point in their course. The hver was large, but healthy in structure, and extended into the left hypochondriac region. The doctor had tried everything, exhausted all the familiar resources without success. It presented no features calling for special comment, except the site of the inflammatory process, which we have though it was formerly so considered.

When the Pacchionian bodies are fully developed after the third year they transfer the spinal fluid to the sinus. We have the advantage of operating through tissues that are not edematous and sodden, but are dry and comparatively bloodless, and in which the larger vessels stand out in contrast to the paler surroundings. As the symptoms subside, the eserine and pilocarpine may be reduced to three cardiac hypertrophy and very marked arterial and venous degeneration, who had suft'ered from arthritic and intestinal attacks of gout for many years. It required a good deal of straining to eject the feces. For internal specific medication digitalis, when it agrees with the stomach, and is not contra-indicated otherwise; Convallaria maialis may also prove valuable, but he could not speak very favorably of it from personal experience.

The Medical Schools of New York and the Public were presented before the last meeting of the Medical Society of the County of New York: of commissioners of charities dismissed the members of the medical staffs of the City, Fordham, Gouverneur, Eandall's Island, Workhouse, Almshouse, Maternity, and Xervous Diseases Hospitals, replacing them by nominees of the three medical schools of tlus city, to wit, the College of Physicians and Surgeons, the University Medical College, and the Bellevue Hospital Medical College, and Whereas, the commissioners of charities and correction have not rectified the injustice done by their predecessors during the past year, notmthstanding that frequent and repeated petitions have been made to them so Whereas, the medical profession is satisfied that no permanent or equitable arrangement can be arrived at under the present condition of affairs, and that, if matters are left in their present condition, these positions will be a continued source of ill-feeling in the profession and of annoyance to the commissioners; therefore Be it resolved that it is the opinion of the Medical Society of the County of New York, as the legal representative of the medical profession of this county, that all medical positions, salaried as well as un.salaried, which are witliin the present gift of the commissioners of charities, be taken away from said commissioners and from the medical colleges, and be placed tmder the control of the municipal civil service of the City and County of New York, to the end that fitness and merit, and not pohtical nor collegiate favoritism, shall be the tests for appointment in the medical positions of the municipal service; and Be it further resolved that this resolution be referred to the comitia minora of the Medical Society of the County of New York, with instructions to draft a bill for presentation to the Legislature at an early moment, and to consult or co-operate with any body or bodies that it may think proper, to secure the objects proposed The Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society Orphan"The medical report in the recently issued Annual Report of the Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society Orphan Asylum was made without the knowledge or consent of the medical officers of the institution.

In an appendix the authors give some valuable suggestions as to the necessary apparatus in outfitting a laboratory and to the forms of blanks used for examinations of the urine, feces, and gastric contents. Aside from a wrong bacterial diagnosis, which i" unlikely, there are three possibilities to explain the situation: i.

Cocaine as a lessener of urethral shock during early catheterism is impracticable. Complete ablation of the mucous membrane of the fistulous tract, appears to be the most successful procedure, as I have said, a bougie being used in the sinus as a guide for the knife; VVeinlechner and Sarazin have thus happily operated. The District, at that time, reported the whites, they can hardly be said to sustain the idea suggested by Dr. Where is the harm? It would indeed be difficult to say if we were speaking of dry goods or green groceries, but is this surgery? Word comes from Lord Lister that "" at the age of eighty he is sitting with bowed head wondering if after all he has brought any real benefit to humanity in introducing antiseptic and aseptic surgery to the profession; that he views with alarm and consternation this wave of surgical furor which is sweeping over Christendom.

Whilst no doubt oophorectomy is too frequently resorted to, I entertain no question that it is entitled to a legitimate place in surgery for desperate nervous conditions." Prof. His experiments establish the fact that in addition to the general rise of the whole larynx, as in singing high notes, the pressure of air causes an excessive and independent upward movement of the cricoid cartilage on to the thyroid, of which no mention, to his knowledge, has heretofore been made. Slowly also the limb was to be brought down to the floor, and the patient be made to sit up, and as sooa as possible, he was to walk with crutches, or to ride. The appearances shown in this case, are presented. In another experiment he filtered the fluid, boiled it for an hour, evaporated to dryness, digested it with absolute alcohol, and then treated the residue with boiling water, when he found that this watery extract was also poisonous. At the same time a comparison is drawn between many of these characteristics and those occurring in cases of typhlitis and perityphlitis. It may be effective in other ways, but its chief object, at the present time, is to officially collect the facts, establish the evidence of neglect, and thereby procure the passage and enforcement of stringent laws for the protection of the public health. The prognosis is invariably bad, as death is the regular termination of the disease. Bensel, in its municipal history, Great Britain has a woman mayor in the person of Mrs. It is indicated in man in the case of convulsions in general, and especially The experiments to determine the antagonism of urethan to strychnine were made on frogs, rabbits, guinea-pigs, and dogs, and were most striking in their results. Schmorl claims that placental villi, breaking off from the mother organ and reaching the general circulation of the patient, become responsible for eclamptic seizures; Veit has shown that all placental tissue has some toxic effect upon animals; Liepmann claims to have proved that avis the placenta of an eclamptic patient contains certain specific toxins which prove fatal to animals if introduced into the peritoneal cavity.

She had consulted several physicians before she came to me, and I had seen her repeatedly during the last few years.

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