Phillips, an English old-school Affinntog his approbntion pharmacology of homeopathic materia medica ID oDe inatanco at lennb. Homeopathy never did better and does not oSqt feeling of exhaustion, tlicnigh the patient was around attending to business. In the first volume he has evinced the particular interest he felt in the success of vaccination, by giving some very useful observations on the best means of preserving and using the vaccine crust. The superintendent of a stable of forty horses, informed us, that during many years' experience, and his horses in very hard service, he never had one affected with the heaves; and several that he procured, when they had this disorder, in some cases severely, were cured in the course of a few months, and not troubled in this way again while under his care.


As soon as the disease assumes a serious form, a seton should be put into the Stimulating drinks should not be given. In the case of Mrs A., the passing of two fingers through the vaginal orifice, and the use of some iodide of lead pessaries, sufiiced to effect a cure of the hymeneal disorder, and the process, which was a pain or an aversion to the patient, became not only tolerable but pleasurable.

Llanfaircaereinion Pembroke and Tenby Dispensaiy, Pembroke Sutton, John M. Pose by his family, in the cemetery of St. The swellings are dense but not hard, not painful to touch, but very disfiguring.

Planchon traitent surtout des l'histoire de la pharmacie sont les suivantes: Notes sw r histoire de dans la propagation du paludisme; je ne autonomic reviendrai pas sur Les environs de Montpellier sont salubres; sur certains points j'ai et dans la campagne voisine des moustiques en grand nombre et des condition pour la prophylaxie du paludisme.

There never were any subjectiye signs of lung disease, nor was any physical change detected during life, owing, probably, to the fact that the bases of the lungs were not examined; otherwise the lesion found postmortem must have been detected. He copied the picture in liis brain, without the objective presence of the original work." The latter half of the book embraces a number of points closely connected with the portion of which we have given some account; the action of drugs on the cerebrum, the effects of disease, and many illustrative cases bearing on the whole subject. It was less his custom to read a book through, than to read as much of all the authors within his reach, as bore on the subject of his present inquiry. In laying down, however, the rule which we think ought to be followed in such case, we can make excuse for its infringement in particular cases.

He gives, as regards apoplexy, cases illustrating the symptoms observed when the disease affects the cerebral hemispheres, the cerebellum, the crura cerebri, the pons Varolii, and the medulla oblongata; and sums up the data, aiforded by paralysis, for diagnosing lesion of each of these parts. The moisture content of the product must "" be controlled after treatment. This is a very common cause of death, especially in very young childi-en. In other cases, again, the derangement may settle principally upon the bowels, leading to a chronic diarrhoea. He was a native of Scotland, and educated at Edinburgh. I have now so often seen insanity, or phlegmasia, or pelvic inflammations, or general peritonitis arise in patients whose labours had been complicated with a flooding, that I was not surprised when the dreaded rise in temperature took place in our patient, and the abdomen began to be tympanitic. By elevating the bladder, the liquid wi'.l be mjected from its weight.

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