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In certain well-reported cases by Gerhardt, (I. It is generally epidemic, and is contagious.

A survey of the camj) was made to determine whether or not there was overcrowding in barracks or tents. This ordeal was rendered doubly trying because all the time I craved for a cool drink, and dared not take it when offered, as I was so firmly convinced of the woman's dark designs on my life.

Jules Boeckel of Strasburg reported two cases of intestinal occlusion by bands, saved by The first was that of a man who, two months after an attack of peritonitis, manifested all the symptoms of intestinal occlusion. Twelfth Annual Report of the Sea Shore Home, for summer M.D., Attending Physician to the New York Skin and Cancer THE PHYSICAL EXAMINATION OF THE STOMACH IN CASES OF GASTRIC DISEASE.i Physician to Out-Palients with Diseaset of the NervausSyatem, Boston H.wiXG had several patients with digestive disturbances under njy care during the summer and fall, I sought in the first place to get a little more knowledge of what had been to me rather an obscure subject.

We use the process so commonly prevalent, and which, according to Dr. Yarrell, in the paper before referred to, published in the constantly reported from some of the Portugal embassador's followers, that the present King of Spain had a baboone that went upright and spake many things: whether itt bee e Satyrorum or Cynocephalorum genere is not sayde. Coumarin; a crystallizable constituent of Tonga bean; used to conceal the taste of by boiling cuminic acid with lime; antiseptic, and Cu'mulative (cumulus, a heap). And we cannot doubt, our brothers in physick (whose knowledge in naturals will lead them into a nearer apprehension of many things delivered) will friendly accept, if not countenance, our endeavours.

Horses are but seldom seen in the cities of Japan, the width of the streets not permitting of their general use, either for draught or in coaches. France comes next on the list, and, according to a recent calculation, follow in the order of gradual dimunition, Germany, Austria, England, Italy, Belgium, Spain, and Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Turkey, and Greece.

I cannot ascertain that there has been a single case of a patient contracting, or probably contracting, typhoid fever in the hospital during that time; and it should be recollected that there are seasons of the year when the number of patients with typhoid fever make about one-third of the total number of patients in the medical wards. Resembling a tooth in shape; odontoid. To save time in narrow and crowded streets, a copy of his own sign board is placed reviews outside the patient's house, so that the bearers find it without delay. The external margin of the anterior rectal muscle of the abdomen, and the triple stratum formed by the small oblique muscle, by the transverse and fascia verticalis of Cooper, are then, through dissection, detached from the aponeurosis of the great oblique and from the subserous connective tissue. Obtained from experiment or Experimenta'tion.

Of corpus callosum by of the nuclear gray matter in the olivary body and supe'rior and media'lis, convolutions common to and mid'dle, convolutions on the orbital surface of the frontal lobe of the brain. The camp was provided with combined bathhouses and latrines. The sickuess, which was evideutly due to tlie odor from the painted furnace, masked for a time the disease that was developing. Opuntia; Ficus indiea; Opuntia vulgaris.

Every year I try to impress upon the students that the first investment they make should be, not in obstetric forceps, or a set of surgical instruments, but in a microscope and a complete urinalysis outfit. In reply the Council stated that" they make no objection to the names of the Lecturers submitted to them, but that it is not the practice of the Council to entertain the question of the recognition of any School, unless its arrangements are complete and are fully known to the College." A Memorial from leadiiig Dentists throughout the countiy was received, and its as Dentists, or who commenced their professional educacation as Dentists prior to to the written and viva voce examinations required of all Candidates for the Diploma." It is satisfactory to be able to report that tliis Diploma is increasingly sought, and that the general standard of Education in the Candidates is improving.

Labiatce, has a strong smell and a bitterish, somewhat aromatic taste; expectorant and in North America; pulp is expectorant; poisonous alkaloid is derived from the unripe fruit, to which the name gleditchine is given.

Yellow- coloring-matter from Ilex ITiac.

The rest of the spinal cord Beyond the first lumbar vertebra the bullet continued to go to the left, passing behind the pancreas to the point where it was found. Whose persons indeed being far removed from our times, their works, which seldom with us pass uncontrolled, either by contemporaries, or immediate successors, are now become out of the distance of envies; and, the farther removed from present times, are conceived to approach the nearer unto truth itself. The English government has interested itself in planting trees in India, and they have, I forget how many, but sixty or seventy thousand of them transplanted, and they are growing so that they can be turned into use, and are being turned into use now.

In comparison with nascent or fresh-made and uncompressed gas, it is, to use a commercial expression, not worth half-price. Ly to the left and forwards through the upper part of the body of the first lumbar vertebra the bullet emerged by an aperture, the centre of which was about half an inch to the left of the median line, and which also involved the intervertebral cartilage next above. Ayez done a jamais cette gloire, grand et docte personnage, de m'avoir rendu plus vertueux, plus ouvrage.

The original salts are triturated according to the homoeopathic method with sugar of milk, one part of the salt to nine of sugar of milk, for one hour, which gives the first decimal trituration.

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