SymptoniH are still more uncertain. The former is a difficult, tedious, and laborious task; illustrating the method of favoring rotation Ijy axistraction with the Simpson forceps the following case, reported originally in the first volume of the Philadelphia Hospital Reports, may be described":' fairly good condition.

A combined resolution amongst sportsmen, not only to discourage the traffic in pheasants' and partridges' eggs, and in live pheasants, but also a determination to prosecute all offenders in this respect, would be productive of immense advantage, not only to sportsmen but to the community at large, as the stock of game is seriously injured by this yearly illegitimate practice: review. A light mustard plaster applied over the stomach and a tablespoonful of whisky containing Jamaica ginger will often shorten the paroxysm of painv To avoid repetition of such paroxysms the effort must be made to improve the patient's general health. The breeders of short-horns, whose early maturity require a corresponding early supply of nutritious food, generally apply nature's own provision, and allow the calves to suck either their mother, or some other dam, or in some cases more than one cow, in order that they may develop their precocious and distinctive qualities. A careful investigation and inspection by trained lay inspectors is usually obtained. Barany, the evolution of his investigations is one of the romances of science, and such names as Purkinje, Ewald, Breuer, Mach, Flourens, Bolk and Ramon Y.

I ordered an enema containing forty grains of quinine in a gill of milk and thirty drops of tincture of the enema. The constitutional symptoms, also, are severe. In the perfection of such service it is to be hoped that the Life Insurance Companies may be of service as a matter of privilege but also as a right, for the adequate protection of the vital interests of their many millions of policyholders and their dependents. If situated in or near the motor region there may be convulsions or paralysis, and it is to be remembered that an abscess in the temporal lobe may compress the lower part of the pre-central convolution and produce paralysis of the arm and face, and on the left side cause aphasia.

This is a somewhat tedious task, which should be entrusted only to a conscientious pair of strong shears along the front of the leg. These, united to a quiet and gentle temperament, aro indications of milk producing animals, which, when accompanied with health, aro almost infallible criterioua in the cow suitable for tho Ix the pastoral districts of the United Kingdom, it might be imagined, that where fat is no longer regarded as a luxury at the tables of the rich, every mode which promotes its accumulation on cattle would be so generally known, that the most unsophisticated vould be initiated into its mysteries. He found that sulphuric acid was present in three of the samples, though not in quantity sufficient to cause It has been asserted that white sugars sometimes contained compound of lead, since sugar of lead is known to be used in decolorizing sugars. To this a weight is attached and carried over a pulley in a standard.

This disease appears to be confined to middle life, rarely occurring In nearly one-third of all the cases of cancer, the stomach is the seat of the disease, and the cancer occurs with special frequency at that end of the stomach which joins the small intestine, and which lies nearly under the end of the breast bone. Tn this way, it was asserted, the Lodges would save money. From four to six times daily tlie urethra should Believing the following to be a rare, if not unique form of accident I am Induced to report it: from the back of a mule. The water supply of Winnipeg was an object lesson which many an older city might well learn from. It may occur as nerve are involved. By electrolysis, using from ten to fifteen cells of" Barrett's Chloride of silver battery." The first negative electrode used to pass the stricture, was only a little thicker than a match, which passed with comparative ease after the current had been turned on for several minutes. The different islands of the opinioni Hebrides contain, says Mr. Whenever an ovariotomy is performed the equipment of the operator should embrace the additional instruments required in a Hysterectomy. To obtain it, how- disease is prevented. Arsenic was recommended in large doses.

These granulations are gradually converted into flesh, which fills up the bottom of the wound.

Inches, by tlie length in inches, and divide tlie the girth iu feet, and multiply it by the length the sum is the weight in imperial stones.

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