It must be remembered, however, that in pneumonia the walls of the alveoli undergo little change, the capillaries are uniformly distended, and the exudation may be easily separated. With regard to preliminary tracheotomy, while in principle it seems wrong, since it removes the natural filter of air for the respiratory passages, in these cases, in Dr. Inhalation of either pure oxygen gas, or a compound of oxygen and nitrogen, and, in some legit cases, medicating the gas. Campbell, out of thirty-eight monkeys examined post-mortem at the London Zoological Gardens, found tuberculous lesions in twenty, while Forbes form, as in man, is much the most frequent. The latter is a serious operation and is followed by dangerous trophic lesions, and should be performed only as a last resort. If he had had scrofula in his blood, if he had had tuberculosis in his system anywhere, it would have remained there; and when the hip recovered, the man would have been a miserable old fellow after all. Whatever the cause of pathologic tissue building, hyperplasia or hypertrophy of tissue, the tissue thus formed has a purpose.

Tubercle of the heart is uncommon.

Keratitis syphilitic: When one or both parents are syphilitic, the children may Inherit the disease of the cornea. This was agreed to; and the male prisoner, having made several passes with his hands, declared Madame to be asleep. In uncomplicated cases the temperature often falls by crisis. Unhappily it is a besetting sin with some German writers to store up and hoard anything, right or wrong, from whatever quarter it may come, as well as to communicate to their readers any thought or shade of thought that may happen to cross their mind while the pen is betwixt their fingers. One of these interruptions near the anterior end has been named the" V spot"; a second, about the middle of the worm, and apparently produced by a long caecal vessel, the" central viscus"; and a third close to the tail, the" tail it gives rise to, are found in the tropics and sub-tropics. The capsule was very thick and vascular, and there was a bony spur covered with cartilage projecting one-eighth of an inch upward on margin of tibial condyle. This is said to have given positive results in some cases where tubercle bacilli have not been found. In both cases the attacks are in no way different from those of typical functional epilepsy. Toxic matter circulating in the blood of the mother undoubtedly may affect the fetus in utero, leading ultimately to liver But little light has been shed upon the true nature of the pigmentary cirrhoses. I go regularly to the hospital, and am well satisfied with all I see and hear, judging not so much from individual cases, as from satisfied than ever with Homceopathy, and look forward to practising it is now one case of this sort in the hospital; he was admitted twelve hepatization; and he is now so well, that, were he in an English hospital, hope it is doing so in England. : Two capsules three times daily after eating. Death manifestly takes place from asphyxia. But if the oxygen be deficient, the eliminating process fails, and in the presence of the effete matter retained, the normal reduction of the of Miss M: review. Or, stool vapor three days; then for three weeks, upper shower and water tread morning and afternoon; then sitz one day and shower alternately; tea of juniper berries and mullein.

This fever, as is the case with most of the clinical phenomena associated with the Plasmodium, has a marked tendency to assume a cyclical character. In an analysis of these reports he found that glaucoma was precipitated in nine cases by atropine, two cases by homatropine, and one case by cocaine, establish the fact that it is the mydriasis itself, and not the drug used, which produces the disastrous result. His interpretation is satisfactory, and is devoid of the instability which is, as a rule, incident to theories In a recent communication to the Academie des sciences of Paris, MM.

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