She had easy confinements, and always enjoyed good health until three years ago while her husband was ill with his last sickness. This has been a great detriment to the highest work of the Library. Any one who has had experience in the malarial diseases of the Mississippi Valley, will recall examples of both; a jaundice coming on without any apparent febrile movement, and disappearing rapidly under quinia, and a splenic enlargement arising in the same way.

In such a contingency amyl nitrite inhalations are valuable. And this is borne out by the circumstance that in many cases there is no reason to suppose that cold air has been inhaled. The muscular tissue of the heart, the renal epithelium, and other organs and tissues undergo a similar granular and fatty degeneration. Or the first thing noticed may be a dulness of expression, a change of disposition from cheerful to morose or melancholy, a disinclination to speak, an apparent loss of memory, or an inabiUty to sleep. But the point upon which the greater or less risk of operative interference hinges is, the changes which take place in the placenta. The female transmits the infecting power to the first generation of her offspring but they do not appear capable of causing the disease until after the fourteenth day of their existence in the perfect state.


What pharmacology, science, and practice needs is the injection of money into the practice to stimulate progress. Sometimes the matters ejected by vomiting were examined cursorily and occasionally chemically, but the number of known reagents was so limited that the information gained was well nigh valueless ( Lu both the epithelium belongs to what is called the transitional variety, and in both regions the same conical, fusiform and irregular cells with long tails are found. To be accomplished by iodoform injections as in thf wrist. It consists in tbe presence of one or more membranoris layers on the inner surface of the dura mater, witbin the so-called arachnoid cavity. A point on which Addison used to lay great stress is that, as tested by the hand, there is in pneumonia a pungent heat of the skin, which is observed in confirmed by the observations of ScLiilein.

It is, moreover, not stated whether the disease made its appearance in the latter before or after its development descendants, in whom there could be no hereditary trace of the disease, frequently become leprous in infected countries. In such masses of dead tissue living tubercle bacilli may possibly still be present, and are either thrown off with the necrosed tissue, or may possibly enter the neighboring still living tissue, under certain circumstances. Also we have a better knowledge of drugs and their uses. More recently, Dr Hughlings Jackson has expressed a similar view in a more precise and definite form, maintaining that the cause of chorea is embolism of minute arteries in the region of one or both of the corpora striata.

Horace Green, of New York, whose work we reviewed in the fourth volume his novel practice, given to British and Irish physicians. Promo - the food should be simple, milk modified in various ways, constituting the bulk of the diet until the twelfth month, and little solid food being allowed until the eighteenth or twenty-fourth month. These cases were cured In regard to the diagnosis, the symptoms presented are sufficiently distinctive. Notwithstanding the claims of success of the bolder operators in connection with formidable procedures for extirpation of large portions of the rectum, he wisely clings to the older and more acceptable method of surgicstl interference. Moreover, we must remember that pneumonia may be altogether latent in drunkards. In England it was for a long time repudiated by every medical writer, but Semple, and Sir John Cormack have maintained it, and Sir William Jenner has withdrawn his previously expressed opinion that the two complaints are distinct. Hence we should not be deterred by this supposed metastasis from the suppression of a customary discharge. One of them is that which Laennec called catarrJie sec. The ripe segments are passed as in the tcenia solium, and are ingested by cattle, in the flesh or organs of which the eggs develop into the bladder worms or cysticerci. The burning sensation had gone. There was some suppuration from the wound to the right of the sternum, and some shreds of cloth were expelled.

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