The fat constituent of milk, represented in the cream, is less frecpiently a disturbing clement in the use of milk as an exclusive diet. Darwin was one day riding in the Pampas with a very respectable" Estanciero," when his horse being tii-ed, lagged behind.

Yet in most respiratory disorders, in spite of their great complexity, there is much in common; certain disturbances of the normal functions of the body which arise during their course are closely similar, and these, notwithstanding much difference in the modes of their inception, often bring in their train a series of related changes between the central and remote portions of the frame which in their iinal results are strikingly alike. I still have nostalgic recollections of my initial encounter with the first galvanometer to be used in Boston in of Physiology at the Harvard Medical School, and it required a team of six men to operate it more teaching and research institutions and to a few large hospitals in metropolitan centers. Borrelli, Delegate New York Paul A.

In the first place, the jaundice is usually less intense in its character than that met with in obstruction, green colour of obstructive jaundice.

One is encouraged to believe in the possibility of the extinction of this disease by the results obtained by isolation and early treatment of the tuberculous.

Under a new rule, established after this will was written, the Academy library is regularly open to members on Sundays and holidays.

Word has been received that recently the Medical Society of the County of Oneida and the Oneida County Bar representatives of the county medical society are studying methods by which they can cooperate more closely with the lawyers. This points to its extreme frequency at any rate among the poorer classes in that city. Smith, Delegate New York William O. Repeated experiments have shown that foods may be impregnated with copper on long standing in such vessels, and this is especially so of foods containing vegetable or fatty acids (

As a result of the folding, the lower edge of lie liver cannot be felt at all; and, if the liver can be made out by ictile examination, the surface, at first taken for the lower edge,;els particularly thick and rounded. The distended dilator should remain in place at least five minutes. We think the reflective reader who peruses these lines will see much worthy of remembrance in M. Another fact which supports the infective nature of Hodgkin's disease is the occurrence of the same disease in the lower animals: the lymphadenoma of cattle, dogs, and horses appears to be identical with that of man. The tongue, the cervical connective tissue, or the cervical glands, they should be promptly opened. It has been reported that laboratory workers in contact with these worms, if sensitive to them, have reacted with severe urticaria and asthma. In countries of the the individuals thus engaged were found to suffer nal races is not due to a physical-sense superiority, but rather to their great ability in interpreting what they see.

In meals, presumably by vagal reflex action, could produce remarkable T wave changes.

Elastic material is always a continuous network. General practitioners are often called on to treat these patients.

Any oily appearance about the hoof should excite suspicion, and any fissure at all resembling sand-crack should cause the horse to be peremptorily rejected.

A quick reference to the pages on abbreviations would show you that Dr. Applied to fruit when the ovary is developed without contracting any.idherence with surrounding parts, and without being immediately covered by them, and the fruit unmodified by any addition of parts. Sometimes there arc delirium and ccinvidsions.

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