A fibrous growth the size of an almond, and rather sensitive to pressure, occupied the anterior wall just opposite the internal os. When children are taken sick in the afternoon, the paralysis Ls Hcncraily manifest on the following day. With the closing of the sinus the mass appears to decrease somewhat in size and to become more dense. The skeleton is studied coincidently in conference classes. Tlit iesiri-iive i::i::ziy;: iTe renders. Suddenly the patient flexed, assumed the sitting position, and regained consciousness.

Reflexes may be motor, secretory, tactile or inhibitory ( Three days later he returned and fired three shots into their midst, wounding several of the members. Stinging pains in the throat and tonsils, principally when Acid and mucous taste; dislike to all food.

In my opinion, and speaking for the good of the Dominicans themselves, as well as for the future of the sanitary department, the time has not yet arrived, and will not arrive for some time to come, when this work can be safely turned over entirely to the Dominicans. Among the exciting causes one of the commonest is the occurrence of repeated attacks of acute catarrhal pharyngitis.

Students acting as assistants to instructors and receiving compensation therefor cannot compete for the prize. S., Medical, that part of medicine pertaining to details of mortality, climate and the geographical Stafure (sto). Another advantage is that the determination of the index is no longer controlled by the THE PROPHYLAXIS OF WEIL'S DISEASE (SPIROCHETOSIS ICTEROILEMORRHAGICA). Each extension of the inflammation is attended with an exacerbation of the symptoms. And a foul discharge and oflor are noticeable from the nostrils. On the termination of the voyage, the hospital clothing will be delivered to the Senior Ordnance Store Officer if the troops disembark at Portsmouth, or to the Officer in charge of Barracks at any other port at home or abroad, and a receipt obtained by the medical officer. This work confirms that of Kohn and Fryer. Lancing or opening of a boil or abscess. Under natural conditions in Louisiana and Mississippi to determine the rate of infection in malarial regions. Sheep and pigs are not so severely attacked, and can easily keep themselves free from the flies if provided with a slope or trench, which is more efficacious if sprinkled with parafiin.

In one instance (in Indiana) nothing was gained by feeding roots. In other words, the bladder wall had recovered to such an extent that no blood and consequently no bacilli entered the gall-bladder. In animals, on the other hand, that were injected with Streptococcus hemolyticus, the heart muscle showed small abscesses and dense infiltration of polynuclear leukocytes. Tadpoles fed on thyroid with practically no iodine grow better than the controls, in this instance the thyroid acting simply as a food. The manifestations of cerebral embolism depend upon the seat and the resulting lesions.

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