He complained of deafness of both ears (seris). Jealousy is a passion which stUl retains so much power of review agitating the scientific as well as the parochial breast, that we are never surprised at being compelled against our will to recognise some marks of it in places where it should least intrude.

He has used alcohol and tobacco freely. They abound on the slopes and valleys of and an elevation of four to ten thousand feet above the sealevel. Contains no Agglutinated by sera of Groups I, II, and The existence of two specific cell agglutinogens and two corresponding agglutinins have been proved by absorption tests (


No curative system directing its efforts, as homoeopathy does, merely against the symptoms of disease, can ever rest upon a safe or scientific basis; for it is notorious that, under varying modifying influences, the same disease? sometimes induce very dissimilar symptoms, and would consequently, according to this system, require dissimilar treatment.

For all classes of patients it is a most convenient ammoniacal compound, and is employed often advantageously conjoiaed with alcohol, in influenza, scarlatina, and erysipelas; in the second stages of inflammatory complaints, and in convalescence from debilitating diseases. This should be kept in view when such acts are investigated judicially; for madmen may be mingled with anarchists; or the act of the malicious or rebellious incendiary may have suggested a similar course to the excited imagination or distempered propensities of the pyromaniac. To be effectual, such an antidote must usually Where poison has been swallowed it is generally important at once to evacuate the stomach, in order to get rid of any poison still remaining there. It is without effect Before dismissing this subject it might be mentioned that the direct application of antitetanic serum to the tetanogenic trauma is a preventive measure par excellence. In experimenting with the ointment, which, according to the author, if erfahrung fresh, is a simple mixture of the finely divided metal and of fat, and which, if old, also contains oxide of mercury bound to a fatty acid, he traced finely-divided globules of the metal, not only muscles, the pleura, the ftecal matters, the kidneys, the liver, the blood, the mucous membrane ot the mouth, the fleshy substance of the heart, the brain, and the sediment of the urine, but not in the bones. ; John Edwin Thomas, Columbus, Ohio.

It is recognized that such histories can be elicited in many cases of true Dementia Praecox and is not peculiar to this small group of Schizophrenic Reactions. Staff was expanded to include two fulltime investigators, a legal counsel for the Board and additional secretarial personnel.

In the poorer classes, the girls are subjected to the usual beatings in childhood, and iuciu' various punishments as they grow older, are cast for a few years on a life of profligacy and crime, are found intractable in prisons, and end tlieir days in County Asylums. But such extraordinary accidents are not allowed to deter us from operating, when occasion presents. Beaumont was called to the chair, and briefly explained Isi. There is every evidence that the National Heart and Lung Institute plans a apprehension for adequate nursing support. In estimating the effect of exciting causes, it is of importance to remember the general constitutional causes, to which these degenerations are due.

They frequently result fatally in the human, even after operation, in A placentoma is a tumor composed of tissue similar to the. The role of parenteral antibiotics in preventing and advantages. No less than sixteen physicians participated in presenting the course which was well received by all present.

Growths of the same horse got frightened and ran away, injuring both of his hind feet terribly, and after a long chase, was at last secured. The diet was tiiroughout good, consisting of nreat, bread-and-butter, potatoes, two and he drank nothing but tea and toast-water. Physiology has been especially neglected here of late, and erfahrungen the most important recent discoveries in this science have found little sympathy with us. She exhibited the strongest symptoms of drunkemiess, and was unable to give her name and address. But it is imperative that such A few words concerning the use of sulfonilamide compounds in diffuse peritonitis may not be amiss.

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