The axis-cylinder IS a single process, of uniform thickness, usually single, but sometimes branched, and giving off at regular intervals fine, long branches, the collaterals; it terminates either as a tuft of fine fibers surrounding a ganglion-cell, or in a motor plate in the muscles, or in a special sensecorpuscle in the skin. The individual histories, briefly given, show in most of the cases the absence of morbid physical findings except those due to anaemia. The specific form of urethritis is produced by infecting the mucous membrane with the diplococcus Neiseri. Its place is taken by the connective tissue, which is both relatively and absolutely increased, so that in the course of time fibrous masses alone remain. Somelimes there is a communication between the aorta and the right ventricle which depends on failure of union between the septum of the bulb and the interventricular septum. One hundred and fifty-eight cases of the disease were examined.

Diazepam - one of the first steps is to give the horse a mild dose of cathartic medicine. It differs from acute abscess, in that it generally forms slowly; and, while the signs of inflammation are present to some extent, only in a minor degree. It is a good plan in these cases, to excise the mass if it can be readily Amputation is frequently required in case of aneurysm. This prevented the normal return of the lymph from the testis which was provided for by these dilated channels in spite of partial obstruction of the lymph current. Which laid the foundation of the legal codes of most of the modern states of Europe, may be considered the orig-in of the connexion between the sciences of law and medicine, or of forensic medicine. The two ends could then be tied and the pressure relaxed or increased as desired, the tube being removed when the object had been attained. In regard to railro;ul rates from Chicago the following may be announced: The rate from Cliicago to Havana and return Section on General Surgery, requests those desiring to read papers before his Section to send the titles of their papers to him at the earliest possible moment. Thus, as is seen, the study of the fluid offered little evidence for the diagnosis of hydatid cyst. The stomach may be reduced in size, even in cases of pyloric obstruction, and consequently not visible. The infant has nothing to give, the old has lost all." Immaturity of age, and senescence are often causes of want of erection.

He has tried ichthyol in eleven such cases, and in only one has he had satisfactory results, in a case of he always advises patients to use their oldest under-linen, as ichthyol has a staining eflect, although it is stated that if quickly washed in warm water any clothing thus stained is made quite clean again. However, Ala te the os uteri, after which the contents of the iterus"'g a proper proportion of carbolic acid ThTlh I the practitioner, whose hand and arm come into f, cause more or less irritation of the hand and arm a"d ll n-any cases g,ve rise to severe eases of blooj-po'isonin" pidegmouons erysipelas, etc., terminating sometimes it should also be copiously smeared with earboli.ed nil warm water containing carbolic acid treated fo, coat of carbolized oil, and so on imti," The abnormal pMentation, treated of are those most fotus may be presented in scores of other positions besid But although he may meet with presentations he has never cedure, and although he may fail to effect delivcrv in some cases, no blame should be attached to h"al" hould be remembered that in certain cases delivery'of tl e only way,n which it can be removed from the womb i by performance of the Caesarian operation, which rs only Monstrosities have been described in varieties almost legion A monstrosity is a deformed fa-tus. Honse made complete recovery at Dr: review. It is not known exactly what paVt the island of Reil plays in articulate speech. Cold and astringent applications are to be freely used, in conjunction with two or three hours' pressure every day, rubber bandages properly applied being of great benefit. Mild delirium is apt to appear early.

Subjective colicky in character), are experienced.

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